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SOI Summer Workshops 2018

It’s time to start planning for this summer’s workshops! We can’t wait to see you!

This year we have three different workshops available: Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced/Associate, and SOI-IPP. Find details for each below!


Join us for three days to complete your Intermediate and Advanced training requirements at once. The first day will be your Intermediate level training, where you will improve your SOI interpretation skills and gain access to our online testing option with the ALA and PLA tests.

The next two days, you will Continue reading “SOI Summer Workshops 2018”

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2016 Summer Workshop Review & Announcements

This summer’s Advanced and Associate workshop was full of information!

The Meeker Paradigm, auditory processing, vision issues, interpreting profiles, the ALA-PLA tests, Certified Learning, IPP, American education, and more were presented.

We are grateful to have been able to use the Diane Hochstein’s Up for Learning center for the training. The center has been in operation for one year and has had a positive effect in our community!


If you have not yet been trained in SOI, Dr. Meeker and Jody Brooks will be hosting several Basic and Intermediate workshops this coming year. Both workshops will be held at our location in Springfield this October. Dates and details will be decided soon, so if there is a specific weekend that would work best for you, please let us know!


Our biggest project of 2016 will be released this September! The ALA and PLA tests will be going ONLINE – available to practitioners, teachers, and schools! This is going to be a wonderful way for people to be tested with SOI that otherwise wouldn’t be able to because of distance, time, expenses, etc. People will be able to take the SOI test at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. Some practitioners also plan to have clients take the test online in their clinic or learning center. Remember that the ALA and PLA are available in paper format, too! Continue reading “2016 Summer Workshop Review & Announcements”

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SOI National Workshop Highlights 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the SOI National Workshop in Lubbock in January 2016. Whenever or wherever I hear Diane Hochstein speak, I always hear little sayings or quotes that are amazing and sometimes life-changing. I used to attend workshops and listen intently without writing down these “gems.” I finally learned at this workshop to write these quotes down so I could remember them forever. This year we also had the privilege of learning from the experience of Dylan Fitzpatrick.

First, I want to share with you Dylan’s beliefs: there are no bad children; work with children because they are gifts; no act is wasted with a child because you made a connection, an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory; and a person has to be ready for success.

SOI gives an individual three things:

  • Autonomy: solve problems on our own without reward.
  • Mastery: fulfillment of “I did it!”
  • Purpose in our life: we have goals, and there is a realization that there is something bigger than ourselves.

To empower means to have the resources to draw on from their own personal experiences. There is no greater gift than to empower someone.

And here are the gems of wisdom from Diane: Continue reading “SOI National Workshop Highlights 2016”

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A Look Back at 2015

Wow! What a year it’s been for us here at SOI! Last week we celebrated one year in our new office location. We love our new space, and are enjoying the convenience and functionality that have come along with it. If you haven’t been able to see it yet, we hope that you’re able to visit soon!

While our big move has been the highlight of our year, lots of other exciting things have happened Continue reading “A Look Back at 2015”

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SOI Advanced & Associate Workshop Review

We are excited to have completed another Advanced and Associate workshop. We are grateful to the SOI practitioners who were able to participate – many for the first time!

We kicked off the workshop by introducing our newest products:

  • Vision: Focusing Skills workbook
  • Math Motivation workbook
  • Reading Right workbook
  • Inspire Creativity workbook
  • new SOI modules
  • new SOI brochures

Dr. Robert Meeker discussed our ALA & PLA tests, Diane Hochstein presented the Meeker Paradigm, and several guest speakers shared their SOI successes from around the country!

The highlight of the workshop was Dr. Meeker’s presentation: Public Education in the United States. He addressed the current state of education in our country, and the reasons why our system has deteriorated from an A to a C- over the past 60 years.

“Today, we are left with a school system that is frustrated and confused. The school community is frustrated because, although the deterioration is widely acknowledged, there is no consensus on how it should be changed.”

Not only did Dr. Meeker address the current problem, but he presented the most efficient, direct, and economical way to deal with the failure at hand.

“Redesign the system to deal with the failures occurring in the extant operations.”

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