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Vision: Focusing Skills

Vision: “The ability of sight, the manner in which one sees or conceives of something”

Think about it:

If you are unable to scan horizontally – a visual requisite for reading and closing letters into words that are meaningful – your achievement level drops.

If you are unable to distinguish small differences (visual discrimination), which is especially critical for sustained reading over an extended period of time, your achievement level drops.

If you are unable to understand vocabulary and verbal ideas due to visual fatigue and loss of concentration, your achievement level drops.

If you have jerky eye movement when following an object, excessive head movement, overshooting the target, fatigue, and clumsiness – symptoms of poor eye tracking – your achievement level drops.

The SOI-IPP program has been able to screen people with these conditions and prepare a course of action. For severe cases of these vision issues, the best therapy is a developmental optometrist. SOI realizes the value of such treatment and encourages people to pursue this venue.

Vision can be the hindrance for learning success. Students receive the OK from the school nurse that their vision is 20/20, but classroom performance says otherwise. If a student is suspected of having vision problems, every avenue should be pursued to correct the deficiency. Build a foundation: strengthen the teamwork of the eyes so the learning experience is enjoyable.

SOI has designed a new vision workbook that targets these focusing skills! The workbook concentrates on the areas of visual tracking and stamina. Parents and teachers are invited to use this tool as part of their student exercises in developing good vision skills. Whether you are in a school, clinic, or at home, this workbook is great option! Take a look at the sample pages below.

written by: Jody Brooks, SOI Systems general manager

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Summer School or Summer Camp?

It happens every spring. I get a frantic call from a parent of a child who is about to be held back a grade in school if the child does not attend summer school. Sometimes, the child is in public school and struggled with math, reading, or everything, and has the state testing results to “prove” it. Other times, the child is in private school and is not able to keep up with the private school’s accelerated program.

This year I received a call from Leo’s mother, Nina. Leo is a small, 12-year-old handsome Mexican-American boy with a smile that can melt your heart. Leo is about to be withheld in 6th grade if he does not go to summer school. Leo struggles with reading. But because his private school doesn’t have a summer school offering, Leo’s mother goes to the neighborhood public school to register him for summer school. The principal says that Leo ineligible to go to the public summer school because he does not attend the district’s public school during the academic year. Leo’s dad doesn’t want his son withheld, but his mother cannot find a summer school program.

That is when I received her frantic call. I assure Nina that the SOI test and IPP screening will get to the root cause of the problem, and that I have summer camp to help Leo individually. I also tell Nina that Leo would do the same things in summer school that he did during the school year that did not work.

Sitting across from Leo while he takes the SOI test, I can tell that he is definitely gifted in some areas but struggles in comprehension. When I perform the IPP screening, I discover Leo’s reading issue: his eyes cannot focus on a point nor does he have binocular vision. Probably everything he reads is blurry, but he doesn’t know the page is blurry because he has never seen a clear page of print! Leo can read or call words on grade level but Continue reading “Summer School or Summer Camp?”

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What Can You Do to Improve Learning Effectively?

On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, I had Level 2 training for SOI/IPP (Structure of Intellect’s Integrated Practice Protocol). It was so great! My instructor was Diane Hochstein, and I’m truly honored to have her as both a trainer and friend. Her 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of special education and alternative learning programs are amazing. I had five students the she IPP screened, and although none of these children have really bad learning issues, she was able to find areas that they could improve on! Each student was treated with respect and love, and each walked out of the clinic feeling very special.

This is what is so great about the SOI/IPP programs. You, or your child, don’t have to be a person with BIG issues to benefit from SOI/IPP. We all have areas that could use “sprucing up.” These areas may not seem to interfere with our everyday life. Maybe we have learned to cope with them or they’re just not severe enough to complicate things, but working on them might improve everyday life!

Think about it: what would your life be like if that “little issue” was gone and you didn’t have to deal with it ever again? What would life be like if you were able to process information faster? How about being able to walk better or play sports better? What if you could read faster and/or better comprehend what you read? What if you could just make working and living a little easier?

You have the power in you to change. SOI has the power to help you!

Now granted, YOU may not need SOI to function well in life, but what about the child or adult that struggles with even basic achievements? They consistently have to Continue reading “What Can You Do to Improve Learning Effectively?”