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A Tribute to Dr. Mary Meeker

Meeting Dr. Mary Meeker was like a strong wind that comes unexpectedly. It blew my mind and life in a totally different direction. It was like waking in a new dimension that was full of truth, energy, understanding, and hope. Though not tall in stature, the force of her determination to share the SOI Model, her genius in development and enhancement materials to meet the needs of all ages, and her ability to train thousands of individuals defined her as a brilliant giant. Her goals never wavered. She believed that individuals deserved to know what kind of intelligence they had, not simply how much.01

The different SOI assessments of learning ability create a profile that identifies very strong abilities that can be used and applied to all learning situations, and abilities that need further development to strengthen learning potential. This profile is printed into a report to be shared. I was mesmerized by Dr. Meeker’s capacity to look at an individual’s profile to see so clearly where help was needed. She wasn’t quick to put a label on anyone. She wanted to strengthen all abilities available and then determine if further intervention was necessary. That is a profound method that attracts people to the SOI Model.

Mary wanted to share her knowledge to all wanting to learn. She lit a spark within others and Continue reading “A Tribute to Dr. Mary Meeker”