From Real to Ideal: A Classroom Transformation


Imagine a classroom of 20-30 students – all with the following characteristics:

  • Good visual acuity
  • Good auditory acuity
  • Good body control and spatial awareness
  • Good attention span
  • Good visual processing – all of the processing skills for reading
  • Good auditory processing –processes extended verbal information
  • Good sensory integration – coordinates simultaneous stimuli
  • Good mental, physical, and visual stamina – alert the entire school day
  • Good social behavior – understands and follows the norms for participation
  • Good intellectual processing abilities – meets the needs of the grade level
  • Good conceptual repertoire – has the concepts expected for the grade level

Now imagine a teaching model that permits each student to progress in each portion of the curriculum at his/her own pace – a truly individualized, continuous-progress mode of instruction. Continue reading “From Real to Ideal: A Classroom Transformation”

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The Importance of Immediate Feedback

Last week, I chuckled as I monitored one of our students, Deacon, doing the Certified Learning module called “Look and Learn Words.” Deacon is in kindergarten, and I have noticed all throughout the school year that Deacon ducks his head right before the little green square lights up either red or green to let him know if his answer was correct or incorrect.

Deacon really wants to be correct and he can’t stand the thought that he might be wrong! We have worked with him to keep practicing on those modules that are more difficult so that he can gain mastery. It’s fun to see Deacon smile and clap when he has mastered a module so that he can move on to the next challenge!

Certified Learning works because it gives students immediate feedback on their progress. Research in recent years highlights the fact that effective feedback has an impact on student achievement and motivation. University of Texas researcher Professor James Pennbaker explains the role of feedback: Continue reading “The Importance of Immediate Feedback”