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Public Education in the United States: From an A to a C- in 60 Years


The Golden Age of U.S. Public Education

The “Golden Age” of public education culminated in the 1950s. It had steadily improved from one-room schools to become comprehensive, twelve-year systems. It was viewed as the primary means of upward social mobility.

  • U.S. schools consistently ranked among the top tier in International Assessments.
  • Schools were comfortably financed locally through property taxes.
  • School support was widespread, bolstered by local control.
  • The institutions of higher learning were generally satisfied with the high school graduates they were receiving.
  • The workforce had little difficulty absorbing those students who stopped their education at the secondary level.

In short, the system was fulfilling its mission of providing free education to all. As a social service enterprise, it deserved a grade of “A”.

The U.S. Public Education Today

In the past 60 years, public education has deteriorated on almost all counts.

  • U.S. schools are now in the middle group on International Assessments.
  • Schools are chronically underfunded to the degree that their programs are compromised.
  • School constituency support has waned, in large measure, because local control has been displaced by state and federal directives.
  • The institutions of higher learning are having to “educate” incoming students before they successfully enter a college curriculum.
  • The workforce now considers a large segment of high school graduates as “unemployable.”

The system has clearly slipped in meeting its mission. As a social service enterprise, it deserves a “C-” performance.

The Chronicle of Deterioration

This steady decline has has been documented in many ways. The first Continue reading “Public Education in the United States: From an A to a C- in 60 Years”

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SOI Advanced & Associate Workshop Review

We are excited to have completed another Advanced and Associate workshop. We are grateful to the SOI practitioners who were able to participate – many for the first time!

We kicked off the workshop by introducing our newest products:

  • Vision: Focusing Skills workbook
  • Math Motivation workbook
  • Reading Right workbook
  • Inspire Creativity workbook
  • new SOI modules
  • new SOI brochures

Dr. Robert Meeker discussed our ALA & PLA tests, Diane Hochstein presented the Meeker Paradigm, and several guest speakers shared their SOI successes from around the country!

The highlight of the workshop was Dr. Meeker’s presentation: Public Education in the United States. He addressed the current state of education in our country, and the reasons why our system has deteriorated from an A to a C- over the past 60 years.

“Today, we are left with a school system that is frustrated and confused. The school community is frustrated because, although the deterioration is widely acknowledged, there is no consensus on how it should be changed.”

Not only did Dr. Meeker address the current problem, but he presented the most efficient, direct, and economical way to deal with the failure at hand.

“Redesign the system to deal with the failures occurring in the extant operations.”

To read the full article, click here.