Working with Adults and SOI: A Life-Changing Experience

When people ask me what ages I work with, I usually say “4 to 94.” That surprises them because they assume that I only work with school-age children and teenagers. It is true that over the last 10-12 years, most of my clients have been young, but one of my best experiences was with one of my adult clients, Lester.

When I first tested Lester, he was 43 years old. Lester was sent to me by his mother, who was very concerned about her son. Lester was so lonely and depressed that he confined himself to his apartment, only leaving for brief outings to the grocery store. He had not had a job in over three years. School was difficult for Lester because of various learning disabilities. He attended college for a short time, but found it to be overwhelming. Lester was married briefly, until the day his wife announced she wanted a divorce.

When I met Lester, he was severely depressed and did not make eye contact. One afternoon, after working with Lester twice a week for over two months, I was following him down the hall and suddenly realized that he was over six feet tall! When I began working with him, Lester walked with his head hanging down and shoulders slumped, but now he was walking tall and confidently! That’s why I love my job!

The results of Lester’s SOI test revealed why he struggled in school: while one-third of his profile was above average, his low scores were in cognition and visual memory. Lester’s auditory memory was gifted and auditory memory (with sequencing) was high average. In school, he seldom understood anything the first time it was taught, so he would use his excellent auditory memory to memorize concepts for the next test. Continue reading “Working with Adults and SOI: A Life-Changing Experience”