ALA-PLA: Remote SOI Career & School Placement Testing


I have come to really enjoy using the ALA-PLA test globally. The SOI ALA results below illustrate a difficult case, and I’d like to explain how I, as a psychologist, discussed the results with the parents. The goal of testing was to provide guidance for future (college) educational and career paths. First, it was important for me to identify his interests: classic comic books, film editing, and photography. He took the SOI test on 2 medications: Focalin (ADHD) and Strattera.

SOI identified his intellectual gift as transformational thinking (which I found unusual for someone on the spectrum, but not for someone who loved comics). My mother, Mary Meeker, would always Continue reading “ALA-PLA: Remote SOI Career & School Placement Testing”


How to Take Education Out of the Land of Oz

Step 1: Find Some Courage

Become a lion! Education needs a paradigm shift and it takes courage to initiate improved methods when the present system is an ineffective one for students.

Step 2: Find Some Patience

It takes lots of patience to wait for the results of this investment. Use the courage and patience you have today to learn the SOI way of teaching those intellectual abilities that underlie learning curriculum. Though they may not pay off as a return on your investment until students have left the school, you will see improved academics within six months.

Step 3: Get Some Facts

It is necessary to have student scores on the twenty-six abilities required for mastery of curriculum. You will also need to know the student’s best intellectual learning style for teaching. A student’s learning style is his yellow brick road, i.e., what kind of information does he handle most easily? Is he or she a figural, symbolic, or semantic learner?

Step 4

A.  Identify needs and strengths of the group and then program accordingly.
B.  Identify needs and strengths of each individual and then program accordingly.

Step 5 

Demand students’ rights to have scheduled lessons that include teaching of abilities for developing their intelligence. Continue reading “How to Take Education Out of the Land of Oz”

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A Tribute to Dr. Mary Meeker

Meeting Dr. Mary Meeker was like a strong wind that comes unexpectedly. It blew my mind and life in a totally different direction. It was like waking in a new dimension that was full of truth, energy, understanding, and hope. Though not tall in stature, the force of her determination to share the SOI Model, her genius in development and enhancement materials to meet the needs of all ages, and her ability to train thousands of individuals defined her as a brilliant giant. Her goals never wavered. She believed that individuals deserved to know what kind of intelligence they had, not simply how much.01

The different SOI assessments of learning ability create a profile that identifies very strong abilities that can be used and applied to all learning situations, and abilities that need further development to strengthen learning potential. This profile is printed into a report to be shared. I was mesmerized by Dr. Meeker’s capacity to look at an individual’s profile to see so clearly where help was needed. She wasn’t quick to put a label on anyone. She wanted to strengthen all abilities available and then determine if further intervention was necessary. That is a profound method that attracts people to the SOI Model.

Mary wanted to share her knowledge to all wanting to learn. She lit a spark within others and Continue reading “A Tribute to Dr. Mary Meeker”

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Missing Intellectual Abilities Identified in Failing Pilots

World War II. Pilots. Planes.

What do these things have to do with learning? You might be surprised!

Check out this short video to find out.

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