There Is Always Time To Speak Words That Inspire

I can vividly remember the moments when someone spoke directly to me with kind words that helped define how I thought about myself.

One such memory was as far back as 11 years old. I perhaps did not interpret the words to mean that I was being viewed as trustworthy and dependable, but all these years later I recognize the gift of my teacher’s words. Being a very shy child, when Mr. Schneider asked for my help and shared his respect for me, I began to see myself differently. Other moments of hearing sincere words spoken to me have continued to inspire me and remain memories stored that are mine to recall as I reflect on my years lived.

Through using the SOI (Structure of Intellect) Assessments and Development Programs, I have always enjoyed sharing words with a struggling student that help define strengths that had gone undetected. Even sharing that there are areas that need strengthening can inspire a new understanding of the challenges being faced. It simply is the power of taking the time to look another in the eyes and bring hope and respect that lights the spark necessary to keep trying.

Challenge yourself to look for moments to help redefine how someone feels about themselves. If you are seeking help for yourself or another because of learning challenges, for a career change, or enhancement of abilities already developed, reach out to SOI Systems for more information. There are answers, words, inspiration, and opportunities to improve learning potential.

We do have time in the day to use words that help guide others to greater confidence and purpose. It may be your name and face another reflects on with appreciation.

written by: Diane Hochstein, Senior SOI Program Consultant & President of SOI Service Company


You’ve Got Talent!

I have often thought of renaming my position from teacher to “Talent Development Specialist”.

The idea of helping children develop their talents and gifts started many years ago when I read a book call the The Power of Uniqueness by Bill Hendricks and Arthur Miller. This fascinating book changed my thinking about how we encourage and train children. The authors emphasized that each of us are born with a prescribed pattern of strengths that indicate what kind of life’s work we should pursue in the future. When I was introduced to SOI, I recognized it was a fantastic tool to help parents see the potential for their child and how to further strengthen a child’s abilities.


My path was directed to Structure of Intellect abilities testing when my youngest son, Christian, struggled with readiness skills and sensory integration dysfunction. As a result of his evaluation, I knew that he would not be on a common track with other students. Through investigation into sensori-motor exercises and cognitive skill training, I found alternative ways to approach his educational needs. I learned that his strengths in figural learning were the reason he loved drawing and creating Lego structures. Through the years, he has developed a love of film editing and animation, which he plans to pursue as a career.

We all know how critical it is to identify weak abilities to remediate to help children succeed in school. However, one of my favorite parts of the SOI evaluation is to guide parents in seeing their child’s strengths in areas that schools Continue reading “You’ve Got Talent!”