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Intellectual Abilities Training

In developing SOI training modules we follow two guiding principles. First, we focus as much as possible on only one intellectual ability at a time – there are over 90 abilities in the Structure of Intellect, so we recommend finding which are most in need of development, and then in turn we concentrate on training each of the single abilities. We use the SOI Learning Abilities test to determine which abilities are most in need of development. We have over two hundred printed and computer-based modules that train one (or at the most two) abilities at a time. The results of the SOI assessment are the guidelines as to which of these modules to use.

Second, each of the modules is articulated from simple and relatively easy tasks to more complex and challenging ones. This allows the student, who is known to be weak in the ability being trained, to have initial success that can be built upon. Moreover, there are many levels to some abilities and for those we offer modules ranging from pre-school to adult in their demands. We do not, of course, label them as “pre-school” or any other level because some very primary modules may be appropriate for older students with greater learning needs. The format and content-style of the modules are as uniformly appropriate to all age levels as we can make them – this affords the practitioner as great a range as possible in prescribing for a given set of learning problems. Continue reading “Intellectual Abilities Training”