How SOI Sparks Spread

There is a woman in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) who has been offering SOI remediation for years. Last year, I got a call from a Special Ed teacher who lived a few hours drive from Waterloo. Her son had been SOI assessed and was helped tremendously through an SOI program.

Could she get the training for SOI somehow? Since the woman in Waterloo only trained assistants, the Special Ed teacher made arrangements for herself and another to fly to B.C. to receive SOI Basic Training. Recently, they have been able to use SOI assessment to take a ‘snapshot’ of a student’s abilities and accurately read their strengths and weaknesses. They see potential come alive as students get insight into how their brains function; how their self-esteem improves as teachers and parents appreciate their efforts. Best of all, they get a clear strategy on how to improve learning in all areas!

At the same SOI Basic Training, there was a Special Ed teacher from the Fraser Valley in BC who was not currently working in a school. She knew first-hand about SOI/IPP because of a private school here in Burnaby that uses it. The family lived too far away for her children to attend the school and enroll in an SOI/ IPP program. So the woman took SOI/IPP training and she now home schools her own children and has a growing business helping other students, as well.

Last September, she began IPP with a young boy who had a dyslexic profile and a very poor attention span. She retested him at Christmas, although he was not yet finished his program. The results were already amazing! Visual processing skills, memory skills, and attention span were all very much Continue reading “How SOI Sparks Spread”


Helping Students Around the World

Rafael came to the SOI Center with behavioral problems and academic disorders. His parents were very worried because Rafael had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. What upset them most was that he struggled with social interaction and anxiety/mood disorders that included excess verbiage, an explosive temper, and a very low tolerance to frustration.

Rafael was bullied a lot at school. He also constantly questioned any new information that his teachers gave to him. They had no idea how to guide his intellectual curiosity. All this because his conversations were all unidirectional and had difficulty paying attention to instructions.

In February 2013, Rafael took the SOI ALA test; his results were very significant. Many of Rafael’s skills were very good, but he had areas to improve such as vision, audition, reading, and semantics.

For 16 months, Rafael worked through SOI modules to strengthen his weak areas. He completed the IPP program (Integrated Practice Protocol)  followed by IPP Auditory. He did visual and breathing exercises to improve his temper.

All  of this hard work led to a great improvement in reading comprehension. Rafael learned to Continue reading “Helping Students Around the World”