The Link between Evaluation, Employment, and SOI-IPP

Employers, employment retraining programs, and school career counselors could all benefit from understanding the crucial link between developing evaluation skills and an individual’s success in their work world.

Evaluation skills are key to the following:

  • to being an effective executive and leader
  • to becoming successfully employed
  • to being a valuable employee

What is evaluation? SOI defines evaluation as

  • judgment
  • decision making
  • critical thinking
  • working in gray areas where no single right answer prevails – only better choices

In the workforce, individuals with low evaluation skills often don’t retain their employment. Good judgment includes the ability to prioritize – to recognize what is essential to a job well done. It is also about recognizing basic rules and boundaries and how to exist in harmony with these.

Some lessons in judgment come with experience. For example: “If I’m continually late and not respectful of others’ time, I will not be valued. Eventually I may lose my job.”

Most judgment develops only if other foundational abilities are in place. For example, if someone has low comprehension, they will find it difficult to understand the importance of certain things. How can you prioritize without knowing what’s important? Continue reading “The Link between Evaluation, Employment, and SOI-IPP”