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SOI Certified Learning: Improving Primary Education

Before we get started on what SOI Certified Learning is, here are some of the main reasons that you should be using it in your school or classroom:

  • schools and administrators experience positive results and higher test scores
  • students learn to take control of their behavior
  • affordable and easy to use

Still not convinced? Take a look at these testimonials:

“In my opinion, the Certified Learning program is fantastic at filling in the gaps that kids have. This is my 20th year as an educator, and I have seen nothing that does it better.”

– Jennifer Maldonado, Lubbock Cooper North ES

“‘Excitement’ and ‘empowerment’ are words being used by these  teachers as they and their students reap the benefits of being able to ‘certify’ that the individual educational needs of students in their classes are being met and they are reaching their goal of truly leaving no student behind!”

– Renee Anderson, SOI Senior Program Consultant

Certified learning (for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade) is a managed program that allows students to work at their own pace. It teaches essential, primary learning skills through workbook, computer, and physical exercises.

This program addresses the following difficulties you may have in your classroom:

  • lack of basic learning skills
  • students who are unwilling to work
  • students falling behind
  • students’ inability to focus/concentrate
  • uncontrolled behavior
  • learning difficulties

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Certified Learning Welcomed on the High Plains of Texas

Lubbock, Texas sits high on a windy plain, atop what is known as the “Caprock of Texas.” This area is one of the most recently settled areas of the entire United States. Why? One answer is weather. For years, tornadoes, hailstorms, lightning strikes, windstorms, blizzards, unpredictable rains and lack of surface water discouraged all but the very hearty from settling these wide open spaces.  There were no trees, little topography and therefore little protection from the elements. This vast grassland was reportedly named the “Llano Estacado” or “Staked Plains” by the Spanish explorer Francisco de Coronado who,  when striking out across its expanse, was reported to have driven stakes along the way so that he could navigate his way back across the seemingly endless plain.

Innovative approaches were the way of the pioneers, who lived in half-dugouts (no trees for wood) and warmed themselves with cow chips, long before coal was available or the area’s vast resources of oil, natural gas and wind were discovered and harnessed.

Today, the area is still a center of innovation and pioneering spirit.  Perhaps this spirit makes it a perfect place to become one of the newest seedbeds of SOI Certified Learning.   Continue reading “Certified Learning Welcomed on the High Plains of Texas”