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Opening the Venetian Blinds

I read with dismay an article in the Washington Post about the Obama administration’s new plans to tighten oversight of states’ special education programs by applying “more stringent criteria” for outcomes. Unfortunately, this means the standards will be based on standardized tests.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Tuesday that for the first time his department will also consider outcomes such as: how well special-education students score on standardized tests, the gap in test scores between students with and without disabilities, the high school graduation rate for disabled students, and other measures of achievement.

“Every child, regardless of income, race, background, or disability, can succeed if provided the opportunity to learn,” Duncan told reporters. “We know that when students with disabilities are held to high expectations and have access to the general curriculum in the regular classroom, they excel.”

I disagree. High expectations for students with underlying deficits in foundational thinking skills and learning abilities will not help them succeed. Continue reading “Opening the Venetian Blinds”

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Welcome to the Structure of Intellect!

SOI stands for Structure of Intellect.

What is our goal? Academic success.

How do we get there? By developing learning abilities one step at a time.

The Structure of Intellect (SOI) theory was developed by Dr. J.P. Guilford. He discovered that there are more than 90 different ways in which we can learn. He determined that comprehension, memory, evaluation, problem-solving, and creativity are the basic operations of learning.

Dr. Mary Meeker, a student of Guilford’s, applied Guilford’s theory to the practical needs of education. Dr. Meeker used the SOI model to design materials that develop learning abilities. She did this with the goal of all students being able to better their academic success.

SOI materials come in many forms:

We want to achieve two things through this blog. First, we want to make people aware of all that SOI has to offer and how they can benefit from implementing our materials. Second, we want to support our customers by sharing information about new products or programs, teaching ideas, classroom tips, tutoring suggestions, and testimonials.

Follow this blog by submitting your email address in the form found in the right-hand menu. You will be hearing from the SOI staff, who will be introduced below, as well as several SOI practitioners, who will be introduced with their first post. Continue reading “Welcome to the Structure of Intellect!”