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SOI Memory Training

The Structure of Intellect assesses many different learning abilities. What often shows up as the lowest overall ability is memory – both visual and auditory.

If you think of memory as “the developed art of paying attention,” then you begin to understand why this is a growing concern in education, especially in elementary school.Comprehension is diminished by lower memory ability and problem-solving becomes frustrating when memory ability fails to recall correct information. Fortunately, SOI is in the business of training memory!


  • memory is the ability to retrieve information that has been previously understood
  • a lack of memory abilities can be inhibiting or disabling in the acquisition of basic learning skills
  • memory is one of the easiest learning abilities to train
  • you will see improvement with fifteen minutes of daily memory training


Memory Matrix is our most Continue reading “SOI Memory Training”

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Making the Most of SOI Test Results

SOI tests are tests of learning abilities. If someone is having difficulty learning, the cause may be a lack of learning abilities.

Our tests are a great way to get a snapshot of students’ learning abilities and to see their learning potential. Now that you know more about your students’ learning abilities, what’s next? How do you help all of these unique students?


The SOI test results have profiled your students’ strong and weak abilities. Now what?

SOI is the easiest and most efficient way to improve their learning abilities. We provide you with Continue reading “Making the Most of SOI Test Results”

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The Missing Link to Learning

“I’M NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE! My head hurts, I keep losing my place, and I can’t remember what I read!”

These words assailed me as I walked into our fifteen year-old’s room. Her text book landed on the floor in front of her, just before her words landed on me. As a parent, these are not the words you want to hear from you son or daughter. Needless to say I was dismayed.

Aside from adolescence, what had changed this person from an enthusiastic student who claimed reading as her favorite subject, to the frustrated student sitting dejectedly on the floor of her room? I was an educator, a specialist no less! I was supposed to know what to do!

Little did I know, the next week Continue reading “The Missing Link to Learning”


The Internal Gift of Motivation Fuels All Change

There is nothing more heartbreaking to me than a child or adult that has given up in a learning situation. They have struggled to do well for so long that it is easier to not try, to act as if they don’t care, or to act so poorly that it takes the focus off of their failures – failures that never seem to have answers or solutions. It is right at this point of discovery that my dedication to the Structure of Intellect (SOI) begins.

When a student or adult is given the SOI Assessment of Learning Abilities (Form L, Form CR, ALA, or PLA), so much information is revealed as to how information is processed, understood, remembered, evaluated, used to solve problems, and used creatively. I never tire of sharing the results of the assessment. The way that the assessment process is structured allows us to pinpoint each of the areas I listed above. We now have information that also includes visual processing and stamina, auditory acuity and listening skills, and sensory motor issues that may be contributing to learning challenges. I am always grateful to see relief on the faces of the students, parents, or teachers to finally have information that not only makes sense, but accurately describes what the learning challenges are!

Now for the exciting part:

Not only does the SOI Assessment identify areas of concern, it identifies areas of strength that the student or adult has not been aware of. Understanding areas of strength allows for a feeling of empowerment to face challenges in learning or in life with an increased confidence! I have had the privilege of working Continue reading “The Internal Gift of Motivation Fuels All Change”