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Hi, my name is Ben and i am a few issues with editing my drawing, i am designing a power boat so want hard chines and fold – English. DELFTship FREE▴ Click to collapse. Filename, Version, Size, Release Date. exe , , , MB, pdf. Some kind forum members suggested I do a Delftship tutorial:o So, here goes, but bear in mind its all self taught and I am no teacher O0.

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That will come later.

You should have something similar to this: For your plans of a small ferry, have a look at the other tutorial I posted the link for, it tells you how to develop a model from an imported set of lines. Click and hold centre button and move will rotate the image, click and hold right button moves the image across the screen.

Delftship – tutorial en español

Select the five points shown and give them a z value of 2. Just to demo what you will see if you have a bad curve I will move a point on my plan manal Sorry, pic didnt load, have asked Martin for advice.

Some kind forum members suggested I do a Delftship tutorial So, here goes, but bear expaol mind its all self taught and I am no teacher Ok then, after some thought I think a relatively simple hull to demonstrate how the program works is the best way, so, lets begin! Now we need to temporarily remove some of this information to make the screens easier to work with.


You should have this: Now we have to think about fairing the hull. There is a tutorial for scanning line drawings and using them within delftship. It look a dslftship promising program.

Glad the tutorial worked for you John. You will see below that I have split two control lines, the new points are in yellow: It can be used to rapidly visualize your design concepts and is suitable for both personal or professional dekftship.

DELFTship :: Topic: manual for delfship, Free (1/1)

This will close the transom back to the centreline: You can see that as the line changes curvature, the pink lines get larger or smaller depending on the curve. Getting the shape we want at deck level will make it easier to shape the rest of the bows later. The free edition of our software is packed with a lot of features, including basic hydrostatic calculations and various file export formats.

Select the three control points shown: Try and aim for something like espwol Products Delftship marine software specializes in the development of high end marine software, using state of the art technologies for which the foundation was laid at the Delft University of Technology. As a rule of thumb, I keep control points to a minimum in areas where the hull is straight or nearly so, and add only at curves.


This looks wrong because we have extruded every point equally, despite the curve of the deck. I printed these out, then used a pantograph to deldtship to the size I want. I think now is a good time to look at the transom.

You will see only one control point between the bow and the sides that we previously worked on. I have put a plan as a back round in Delftship. Select deck line and extrude by -4, same method as we used for the transom.

Delftship tutorial

Fortunately msnual this model, the curves are reasonably good, but I will demo how to do it. Hi Ian Thank you very much for this tutorial it’s most helpfully. Once you are reasonably happy with that shape, we will look at putting the chine line in.

Repeat that for the other out of line points, then turn off the control net to see the actual bow line. GIF resize to x Kb max. We espaool a flat keel from the transom to the curve of the bow, so, working in the plan view, bottom rightleft click on the furthest left control point black dot on the centreline.