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LTE;. Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA);. Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification. (3GPP TS version Release. PDCP is an abbreviation for Packet Data Convergence Protocol. This protocol is specified by 3GPP in TS for UMTS, TS for LTE and TS for 5G New Radio [NR). The PDCP is located in the Radio Protocol Stack in the UMTS/LTE/5G Air 3GPP TS Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP ) specification. Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification. (Release 8). The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

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This protocol sends and receives packets to and from UE and eNodeB over air interface. In one embodiment, the receiving step, the determining step, and the assigning step are implemented by a PDCP entity. PDCP specification goes in great lengths on PDCP data transfer procedures and details out internal implementation such as state variables to be maintained for received and transmit operations.

Method and terminal for performing handover dpec mobile communications system of sec service. Fourth-generation mobile communication is the fourth generation of wireless mobile communications standards.

PDCP – Wikipedia

Lte was the first and only technology soec by. The method of the present invention explained thus far can be implemented in software, hardware, or a combination thereof. System and method for multi-point hsdpa communication utilizing a multi-link pdcp sublayer. In the steps and may be reversed in order or processed in parallel. Data is transferred between the MAC layer and the physical layer via the transport channel.

Seemless handover is typically used for radio bearers carrying control plane data and user plane data that is mapped to RLC UM Unacknowledged mode. Lte a is primarily designed to help support and accelerate the overall development and test program.

Zxsdr b l principle and hardware structure training manual zxsdr b l is hardware readiness to support mimo 4×4 without hardware changing. As illustrated in FIG.


That is there is no segmentation and concatenation functions in PDCP layer. What could be maximum Discard timeout value? Information from this indication would be used by RRC during handover execution phase. Packets received by a layer are called service data unit sdu while the packet output of a layer is referred to by protocol data unit pdu.

According to the present invention, when the Discard Timer is not set to infinity, if no radio link failure occurs, and the low signal environment continues, it is possible to prevent the discarding of or more PDCP Pdco with sequence numbers already assigned thereto by limiting the maximum spev of transmission data.

With 15bit this limit is increased to 16K. The left side depicts the transmitting side having a buffera header compressora security handling unitand a PDCP header attachment unitwhile the right side depicts the receiving side having a PDCP header removal unita security handling unita header decompressorand a buffer In the steps and may be reversed in order or processed in parallel.

User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: An interface for transmitting user traffic or control traffic may be used between the eNBs Data is transferred between the MAC layer and the physical layer via the transport channel. A physical channel e. Effective reception method in wireless communication system providing MBMS service. Type 1 uses frequency division duplexing uplink and downlink separated by frequency, and tdd uses time division duplexing uplink and downlink separated in time.

Is there any duplicate data? Some elements or steps may not need to be present, or additional elements or steps may also be present. I was thinking for some time that how does remote PDCP layer know about this drop. I also heard the number 30seconds, but it seems too high.

In this case, data loss occurs at the application end. It is control data being used in PDCP layer.

Interface to terminate PDCP contexts: Below is a logical digram of eutran protocol layers with a depiction of data flow through various layers. The PDCP layer is terminated in the eNB 20 and may perform functions such as header compression, integrity protection, and ciphering.


The tm lte a offers the earliest access to the latest 3gpp functionality, before real handsets, as well as layered operation and a high ltee of logging and control. I also had some confusion on PDCP discard for some time. Just try to go through this illustration whenever you have chance and try to have your own idea first.

Recently from Rel 12 as Dual Connectivity Split Bearer is supported, this layer has become much busier.

Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)

Pdcp provides its services to the rrc and user plane upper layers at the ue or to the relay at the evolved node b enb. Since these two events happen at different times, it is required that PDCP does not start processing the packets until PDCP sequence numbers are known to it.

LTE Long Spsc Evolution is one of the 4th generation wireless standards designed to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks. In one embodiment, the predetermined number is based on the size of a reordering window.

A physical layer PHYwhich is the first layer L1provides an information transmission service to an upper layer using a physical channel.

They are given to the upper layers immediately after Security and RoHC processing. Method and apparatus for performing handover using packet data convergence protocol pdcp reordering in mobile communication system. For example, without exceeding the scope of the present invention, a first element can also be explained as a second element, while a second element can also be explained as a first element.

Lte pdcp spec pdf files

Furthermore, the UE 10 can report channel quality information and feedback information to the eNB. A physical channel e. Posted by Srini at You will refer to this table a lot when you try to decode PDCP data yourself.