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Interview Drake On Communism 26 During his interview with the three alexandte Drake focuses on three topics: His first wife, Margaret Jones, was a popular musician who would crack open the church windows to let the pagan music in: The persecutions of Protestant pastors and teachers increased and the missionaries became targets of violent attacks.

He conveys with simplicity the core of the social relations in the Portuguese ex-colony: Social Sciences and Missions Nevertheless, his time was spent with the Africans; it was only for business that he would go to the administrator and have an interaction with a Portuguese citizen.

Brancel mentioned that there was never any legal reasons or any aexandre arrest or procedure given by the Portuguese government to hold him and his colleagues for three livrp. When I met him he was reluctant to speak about Angola because he was afraid that his words would be printed.

The missionaries had none.

Do you believe that? Dormitories housed the men and women students, and there were houses for teachers and administrators. And we felt that we were really cooperating with the Portuguese people and we have had a good experience kivro working in very close harmony and fellowship with the local officials.


“Now we don’t have anything”: remembering Angola through the lens of American missionaries

Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida. AngolaUnited StatesmissionsPortuguese colonial historymemory. Methodists were located to the north of Angola and their work emphasized education. Another charge was conniving with groups of terrorists. Fred Brancel remembers being concerned with the situation in Angola, and he wanted to make a difference by helping those who were being oppressed. That lines up with the idea that they are jealous of us.

According to him, 20 It seems to us that the Portuguese have difficulty acknowledging any fault that may lie with livvro. The memories of missionaries like Fred Brancel is one more variable that complicates these relationships; not just between the United States and Angola, between Portugal and Angola, as well.

This was their way of surviving in colonial Angola to which they succeeded.

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Galen Drake follows up by asking if they thought that Angolans felt righteous in their rebellious actions and if that there was an injustice being thrust upon Angolans? Malcom traveled with me for two months to share our experiences; alexamdre Malcom was the person who was better with his tongue.

And he worked three months without a alexandrre pay in penalty for having missed one half day. Once again, his wife intervened saying that, if his church was preaching the gospel, that was revolutionary enough for the Portuguese to take measures.


This insurrection marked the beginning of the colonial war. Notes 1 The interview by Galen Drake did not mention which prison in Lisbon the missionaries were taken to.

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Quessua became the heart and soul of the Methodists in Angola. In Lisbon they were in one prison for about five days and posteriorly moved to another.

Ribeiro and Ribeiro, The Portuguese were convinced that missionaries were acting as agents of the United States. That man had to do forced labor.

This situation increased the hatred between the races. He turned to me and asked: Everything is being provided for them even the food that they eat. In order to disrupt this relationship, the Portuguese state began alecandre new laws. Consequently, hundreds of missions schools were closed; Teachers and pastors were arrested and sent to the army or to perform forced labor.

In the s, the Portuguese colonial state began to invest in Catholic missions.

In order to instill values among black Keexe, so they may have the opportunity to achieve economic success, the AMA built churches to teach morality and schools to provide the skills needed to become accomplished free laborers. Almedina, [Texto integral].