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RESU MO. O líquen plano pigmentoso é uma variante incomum de líquen plano e representa um desafio tera- pêutico. Foi realizada a dermoabrasão com boa. Peralta R, Pazos M, Sabban EC, Schroh R, Cabo H. Liquen plano pig- mentoso Liquen plano pigmentoso invertido asociado a virus de hepatitis. C. Arch. Política de cookies. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias mediante.

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A comparative treatment study of topical tacrolimus and clobetasol in oral lichen planus. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma polymorphisms contribute to susceptibility to oral lichen planus. The most difficult differential diagnosis is with ashy dermatosis, this, however, affects brown skinned patients, with a tropism for the torso and limbs and not for intertriginous areas and with erythematous borders on the edges of active pugmentoso.

Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol ; Khanna N, Rasool S.

Dermatology Online Journal

Periodontal status in patients with oral lichen planus: Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. An open label, non-randomized, prospective study. How to cite this article: Case Rep Dermatol ;2: Twenty-five year old male pigmentoao presenting with asymptomatic brown spots, on cervical, axillary, inguinal and popliteal regions, for the last nine months. Griseofulvin therapy in lichen planus.


Líquen plano pigmentoso invertido

After four months, without any further treatment, the patient pibmentoso with a discreet improvement on the cervical and popliteal regions, whilst axillary lesions remained unaltered. Please review our privacy policy. A retrospective study of oral lichen planus patients from southeastern Spain.

Clinical presentation and management.

Hyperchromic confluent macules on the posterior cervical region. Dermoscopic findings in different clinical variants of lichen planus. Topical application of isotretinoin gel improves oral lichen planus. Randomized trial of pimecrolimus cream versus triamcinolone acetonide paste in the treatment of oral lichen planus.

Liquen plano pigmentoso sobreimpuesto

How to cite this URL: There is epidermic atrophy with irregular hydropic degeneration on the basal layer and an absence of epidermic hyperplasia usually present on lichen planus. Terapias imunossupressoras, como o PUVA, o metotrexato, a azatioprina e o micifenolato mofetil, podem ser tentadas em casos muito graves e resistentes.

Lichen planus with bullous manifestation on the lip. The term lichen planus pigmentosus inversus LPPI was proposed by Pock et pibmentoso inafter the report of 7 cases of lichen planus pigmentosus located predominantly on intertriginous areas. Journal List An Bras Dermatol v. Psoralen plus UVA vs.

Possible causative role of tightly fitting underclothes. Course of oral lichen planus: Hugo Rocha Barros, Rua Dr. Clinical management and malignant transformation.


A psychometric evaluation of cases. Anatomopathological exams of the lesions were performed from distinct samples right and left axillaand repeated on a three-month interval with identical characteristics: Immunoelectron microscopic study of distribution of T cell subsets in oral lichen planus. Based on the clinical and histopathological features we reached the diagnosis of lichen planus pigmentosus inversus.

Unexpectedly high frequency of genital involvement in women with clinical and histological features of oral lichen planus. Hepatitis C serology was negative. The main differential diagnoses are erythema dyschromicum perstans, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, figurate erythema, fixed drug eruption and lichen planus pigmentosus.

Dermatol Pract Concept ;5: A doubleblind controlled trial.

Lichen planus pigmentosus: A short review Mathews I, Thappa DM, Singh N, Gochhait D – Pigment Int

Suppressor cell function in oral lichen planus. Griseofulvin therapy of lichen planus. Pimentoso report a case with typical clinical features, histology and evolution. Multidermatomal zosteriform lichen planus pigmentosus-a unique presentation. Dermatol Online J ; Similarly to typical lichen planus, there is a compensatory proliferation of those keratinocytes, which do not develop in intertriginous areas.