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Marketing visionary Martin Lindstrom has been on the front line of the branding for over twenty years. In Brandwashed, he turns the spotlight on his own industry, . Brandwashed is at its best when Lindstrom uses his extensive client experience and list of contacts to provide a peek into corporate branding efforts. An insight. Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to BuyMartin Lindstrom. Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to.

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Read more Read less. This book was reviewed as part of Amazon’s Vine program which included a free advance copy of the book.

It may not be a surprise by 36 months American kids can recognize a hundred brand logos. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I thought it was simple economics of supply and demand.

So just because you are aware of what they are doing doesn’t make it that much easier to resist! There is such a wide range of marketing angles discussed; it is quite clear that no consumer is left untargeted. Under Pressure – The power of peers 6. Ugh- why do I react so negatively to this topic? One thing I would have liked to have seen is more on how to fight “brandwashing”, to prevent this manipulation from turning you into a shopping addict or spending money you don’t have on crap you don’t need.

Lindstro approaches branding from a Chicken Little point of view where marketers have the most nefarious of incentives and consumers have the most simplistic responses.

Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom | : Books

Just never mention any brands, and problem solved. Page Schorer says 7 years ago. Interesting takedown of Lindstroms work http: In his experiment with a family that was secretly promoting products amongst their friends, he kept expressing such surprise that the friends would then go out and try it, or buy it!


One thing I really like about the book is that for just about all of the points he makes, Lindstrom provides references to relevant research or additional reading. In fact, for the majority of the book, I felt like I was reading Consumer Reports, with the crazy studies that they try to pass off as absolute fact to get you to change your behavior.

I loved the infusion of behavioral economics So yes, I highly recommend this book. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

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Finally some of the claims seem dubious. Instead of using three or four longer stories within the context of a term, he uses some lincstrom, and at some point, you feel lindtsrom saying, “I get it Martin, move on. So learning the tricks that companies use to shape our attitudes, in an easy-to-read, relatable manner was awesome. The goal is to predict what you will buy–and then get you to actually do it. A quote from the book: Learn more about Amazon Prime.

But is this true? Targeted ads, again, seem to be the devil. Even with bad reviews online and with all what the critics had to say about his book, I personally enjoyed it and found it very thought-provoking.


Lindstrom makes the point that many food-related companies deliberately appeal to our brains by offering foods containing substances known to be addictive: Whose fault is it that I want to buy stuff? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Don’t read this book. I was also curious about the author’s mention of how green purchases can make people more likely to lindstorm something less eco friendly in the future because they’ve already “done their part”. And they have ways to make sure that happens. Jul 03, Brajdwashed “Astute Crabbist” rated it really liked it Shelves: Back to those loyalty programs Here, he turns the spotlight on his own industry, drawing on all he has witnessed behind closed doors, exposing for the first time the full extent of the psychological tricks and traps that companies devise to win our hard-earned dollars.


I’ve read the first chapter of dozens of business books over the last five years; rarely do I make it any further.

It is no coincidence that Martin Lindstrom is the author of both of those books. Imagine how much more sophisticated it is now! A global marketing guru for such companies as Pepsico, Disney, McDonald’s, and Microsoft, Martin takes us backstage to expose the ruses and tricks companies and marketers use to get us to spend mad money.

And it is true; sometimes these stores offer deals to get you in the door. Really interesting and very informative. Marketing visionary Martin Lindstrom has been on the front lines of the branding wars for over twenty years. You don’t stand a chance without it.

More focus group testing ensued, and Euphoria was launched with an ad campaign built around the same emotions observed in the testing process. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Brandwashed really got me thinking and talking about marketing. I purchased this book for an English paper on subliminal persuasion in the media. In first world countries, ads swarm your mind every second of the day.