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Buy Bitter Lemons of Cyprus Main by Lawrence Durrell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Bitter Lemons of Cyprus is Lawrence Durrell’s unique account of his time in Cyprus, during the s Enosis movement for freedom of the. On a Mediterranean island divided, a man finds peace in a time of perilous unrest in this stunning memoirIn , as the British Empire relaxes its grip upon the.

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Durrell rages against his country for having put Cyprus under the jurisdiction of the Colonial Office. Apr 23, Margaret rated it really liked it.

Lawrence Durrell´s Bitter Lemons – Persée

But write with a lovely command of locale, sentiment and atmosphere. One of the final chapters in the book is so beautifully written. In fact we all do.

A little tip for you: And so the rest of the book apparently goes, giving Durrell’s unabashedly nationalistic sketch of the war of independence durrsll Cyprus.

Durrell says this of the book I paraphrase:. His restrained prose aptly describes people and place and allows the reader — even one as initially ignorant of Cyprus as myself — to develop a clear picture of the time and situation. InBritain surrendered sovereignty over Cyprus.

What does it matter that we are now alive, and they dead–we have been pushed forward to take our place in the limelight for a moment, to enjoy these flowers and this spring breeze which Nov 24, Czarny Pies rated it really liked it Recommends it for: His love for the Cypriot people is clear, but he firmly views them as a rural, somewhat childlike people botter are far happier under British rule than they would be under union with an increasingly dynamic and urban Greek nation.

He was a bit insufferable. How durrel, one not be, after reading his brother’s delightful report on his family and other animals?


Lawrence Durrell loved Western Civilization with a passion and believed fervently that the great Greek genius of classical era was still alive in the 20 th century. Durrell quotes from British Cyprus by Hepworth Dixon There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In compensation she was allowed to retain her royal title, a state pension, and a small, lwarence dominion at Asolo in the Alpine foothills of Venetian territory. But we were impatient and as a Greek proverb says Whoever rushes stumbles and we did.

The following is a particularly odious comment spurred by some poor soul not lucky enough to have been born among the elect: This is not a political book, but simply a somewhat impressionistic study of the moods and atmospheres of Cyprus during the troubled years or to be more precise during the armed struggled against the British. BUT and I say this looking towards Dixon’s rotten corpse: This was the case with The Bitter Lemons of Cyprus.

Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus by Lawrence Durrell – Canongate Books

The sun had cleared them now and they were taking on that throbbing dark mauve which inhabits the heart butter a violet. Sargon, Ptolemy, Cyrus, Haroun al-Rashid took this line.

But he also wrote a number of books that can be found in the “Travel” section of your favorite bookstore, as well as a body of poetry. How pleasure is the moment when I see him came at the door.

A race advancing on the east must start with Cyprus. I enjoyed his writing, and the descriptions of Cyprus, but I actually wish that he had discussed what happened in Cyprus after he left.

Durrell says this of the book I paraphrase: Plan Selected bibliography [link]. The inhabitants of the city were fighting for irredentistic reasons, and he discovered the book while the citizens were rioting after a bomb throwing. But this is the s, and the entire island is about to erupt into chaos. The history surrounding EOKA has been a minefield and this book and the account it portrays is real, from the A beautifully written literary book with great insight into the passion of Cyprus I downloaded this book to help me with my research for a historical fiction novel I am currently working on.


The characters of the figures Durrell depicts have no relevance beyond their symbolic identities. The question of Enosis–independence from Britain and union with Greece begins to overwhelm all the other questions, including those of safety. Durrell insisted that the Greeks were Europeans and hence merited being dealt with by the Foreign Office not the Colonial Office. Dec 25, Elaine rated it it was amazing. This page was last edited on 16 Augustat But I was shocked by the unnecessary hate this man had for us.

Into this escalating conflict steps Lawrence Durrell—poet, novelist, and a former British government official.

Durrell died in France in A race advancing on the west must start with Cyprus. I read this many years ago and loved it. Mark he notes the remarks of a fellow-passenger from Bologna about Venice: Bitter Lemons of Cyprus Embed.

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

The author of this book died several years ago and as such no longer needs stars from any of us; good thing, because I can only begrudge him three. Characterization of the locals th British writer and poet witnesses firsthand how empires fail.

Rebellions, assassinations, and personal hardships, restrictions and intrigue marked the agitated years of her reign. True, it appears to have been an inopportune time, with, according to Durrell, Athens radio whipping up the stupid peasants with ideas of independence.