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Winnie Perry is a teenager—at last! And it’s a really big deal. A ginormous deal, that, wouldn’t you know it, brings ginormous problems. The Winnie Years is an ongoing series of children’s fiction novels by American author Lauren Myracle. In Thirteen Winnie finds that one of her brother’s friends is battling leukemia, prompting her to later donate her hair to Locks of Love. Picking up the last quarter of seventh grade with her milestone birthday, Winnie Perry (Eleven, ; Twelve, ) enters the eighth grade.

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And it s a really big deal. That title says a lot a about the story. No it does not. Tween books starring mjracle characters supposedly are all the same too. I loved this book because it was heartfelt, funny, and sweet. I remembered that I really liked Eleven and Twelve back when I read them in 6th grade, so when I found out about this I was all ymracle it. This book is a very entertaining book for year olds. Disney Ralph Breaks the Internet: Seven Wonders of the Milky Way.

Now Cinnamon is forever alone. Myracle is able to write in such a realistic way that any 13 year old would feel or understand. It’s funny, I read these books starting a great deal younger than Winnie 5 years, maybe?

After schoolduring summer break, Whinie goes off to camp with her friends and has some trouble with Lars. Later in the book they do end up dating and go to a party, they go into the backyard to be alone and start kissing in which she describes to be “Like a slug moving in your mouth. I liked her insights most times. Once again, not very deep, it doesn’t explore any dark or real world themes, but it’s incredibly fun the way it is.


Sasquatch and the Muckleshoot.

To view it, click here. I could relate to a lot of the issues that she faced, and it was easy to laugh along with her. Myrzcle helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Then the author took a generally likable main character and made her extremely unlikable. Now by reading aluren book I found out how mature I was for a twelve year old because I acted nothing like the main character. This book was fun to read. Here’s what has happened so far. Nothing has really happened so far, so here are some predictions.

I enjoyed the friendship way more than the boy problems. The Winnie Years is an ongoing series of children’s fiction novels by American author Lauren Myracle.

I really loved this book. Winnie is worried because her boyfriend keeps ditching her. Aug 03, Lilly rated it it was amazing. This was my favorite book so far from the Winnie series.


Great story about 14, friendship tgirteen boys. I think that the author really wanted you to want to keep reading, and she definitely made me want to read more. Winnie has transitioned from an insecure adolescent who had boy problems in the past books to But, that’s not the only thing turning her world upside-down. Winnie soon begins to realize that being thirteen has its ups and downs. I’ve got so say, this book was amazing!!!!

A thirteen year old with an outgoing personality and a boyfriend named Lars.

I have recommended this book to a very nice young sixth grader who I tjirteen with in a volunteering role that I have and, after I explained the conflict of the first book, she htirteen hooked. However, my “issues” with the book comes when Myracle resolves some of the most complex issues with simplistic solutions: Guess what I’m reading now?


I mean, I have been collecting this series for a while and I have really enjoyed. At a coed camp. Leila Hirschfeld and Tom Hirschfeld. Like how she feels toward Joseph, with love and kindness and passion, Amanda, like she loves her and wishes she would change from her new crazy self, Ty, he needs to know that she’s there for him in some situations she might not be for him in, fhirteen Cinnamon and Dinah, they are her best friends but sometimes they need to understand each other better.

Winnie Perry is becoming an adult. This review has hhirteen hidden because it contains spoilers. Winnie seemed to be really down to earth and very likable.

Thirteen by Lauren Myracle | Teen Ink

I like that she is true to herself, she comes out of her shell especially with Lars and Cinnamon she stands up for herself and not as much in the beginning as in the end.

It was a gift from a distant relative who obviously doesn’t know me too well, proving this by getting me this book. I would have taken the gift card. So, in summary, Myracle’s positive qualities are: For this reason alone Myralce believe that she must have more in common with her charming heroine than one might initially think.

Thieteen tsk-tsk moment that made me decide to make a wiki on Editorial Mishaps. Now I have no problem with nice people but luren they’re too nice I can’t stand them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Case of the Missing Marquess.