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Martial Artist, Los Angeles Jeet Kune Do student of Bruce Lee, pioneer of Jeet Kune Do Grappling, founder of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. Combining the knowledge in the arts of grappling and submission alongside the skill of trapping and the striking arts, Sifu Larry Hartsell took these arts into a. Larry Hartsell & JKD Grappling. “ Reject what is useless; Research your own experience; Add what is. specifically your own” – Bruce Lee. Larry Hartsell took.

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They were not only high ranked by Hartsell but also true friends hartsell a personal level. Beware of other organizations illegitimately claiming to represent Larry Hartsell and his teachings. In fact Bruce had become very interested in the grappling arts and had sought instruction from some of the top guys in grappling of the day.

Hartswll and Empty Hands. On many of the seminars that Larry taught he often concluded with a question and answer section where he was always open and honest with his answers.

In he started training with Bruce Lee. Larry Hartsell took these words to heart when he began training with Bruce Lee inand the grappling skills and techniques that are at the core of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association are the by-product of this philosophy. At the time of Bruce Lee’s untimely death there were only 33 formal techniques in the grappling range.

Larry Hartsell Bio

Knowing the importance roll-conditioning and physical fitness play in the complex game of survival in the martial arts, Larry incorporates the proven methods of the past alongside the cutting edge techniques of the future”.

With the tremendous rise in the popularity of the grappling arts it has become paramount to Hartsell to demonstrate to martial artists the fact that Jeet Kune Do has had a strong emphasis on the grappling range. In addition to this he has taught classes at his own schools as well as at the Inosanto Academy, and has offered self defense and combat courses for the elite Navy Seals and police officers through various colleges, agencies alrry elite law enforcement training programs.

Hartsell has offered self defense and combat courses for the Navy Seals and police officers through various colleges, agencies and law enforcement training programs. Larry Hartsell’s skill in hand-to-hand combat, his weapons hartsel, and his development of techniques in the grappling range led to a wide and varied range of professional experiences. Hartsell has authorized several books on the subject of Jeet Kune Do Grappling.


Visit our official YouTube Channel here. When it comes to knowledge, you owe allegiance only to yourself. To the day he died Larry was teaching and practicing in the arts that he loved and was a constant inspiration to his students and friends. Quick Contact Your message was not sent There larru an error in the form!

Tand also as a trainer for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. Hartsell continued his training with Dan Inosanto for next past 35 years. In high school he both played football and wrestled before some years later he moved to Los Angeles where he began training in Kenpo Karate under Ed Parker.

Our comprehensive range of instructional videos are jam-packed full of information on tactics uartsell training methods to help you evolve your fight game.

He also tried both boxing and tough men contests, which at the time were not too dissimilar to Vale Tudo or the UFC. During this hartslel Larry tried and tested many of the skills he hartsel learnt and was always looking for the opportunity to test out those skills.

Larry Hartsell Original Instructor Group. Over the years, Larry hatrsell his fighting structure and geared his training more toward the arts of grappling and submission.

Larry Hartsell Biography

Hartsell has been in wide demand as a professional bodyguard for celebrities like Mr. The serious students of Jeet Kune Do are also aware that the development of the grappling range techniques in this system were assigned to Larry Hartsell. Please contact us here on our contact page or call us at larey With his training under Bruce Lee, his degree in criminology, his ten years of hartseell enforcement experience, and his training under Dan Inosanto.

Larry taught his arts worldwide, and his death was hartsell only the sad loss of a great martial artist, but also the loss of a caring friend who took a personal interest in his students. Larry Hartsell began his martial arts training in Harhsell karate with Ed Parker in This says a lot about the lead Larry had in his training and conceptual development.


No subject seemed to be off limits and he was as happy to talk about Bruce and some of the things he had seen Bruce do as well as his many experiences with some of the top instructors in the world, but he always mentioned that he learnt so much from his own students and was very proud that his students were able to think, study, fight and apply techniques for themselves.

Read more about Sifu Hartsell. As the final and closest range there was much research to do harttsell this range and Hartsell has continued his research into this area with various discrete techniques that now form the core of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling.

Sifu Larry gives a demonstration with Leif T.

Contact Us Larry was an encyclopedia of martial art techniques and drills and was constantly looking for the new innovations in training practices and technique. Having both respect and most often a deep knowledge of the history and techniques of various grappling systems it comes as no surprise that students all over the world sought out his expertise in the grappling arts.

Larry never talked a lot about this period of his life and sometimes even came across as a little embarrassed about the things that he had done during this time. He earned a black belt from Parker and went on to earn a black belt in Judo as well. Combining his knowledge in the arts of grappling and submission with his skill in the trapping and striking arts, Larry has taken his art to a new dimension”.

We feel that change is necessary by constantly searching for ways to improve ones martial arts abilities and update training methods.

Evolve Your JKD Our comprehensive range of instructional videos are jam-packed full of information on tactics and training methods to help you evolve your fight game. Sifu Larry and his long time student relaxing after a seminar.