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Abstract [lit], SANTRAUKA Konfliktų valdymas nagrinėjamas daugelyje mokslinių Verslininkai, gerai perpratę konfliktų valdymo mechanizmą, sukuria geresnę. Tyrimo objektas – tam tikros sąveikos tarp žmonių, darbo erdvėje, santykių išraiškos – konfliktų, valdymas. Darbo tikslas – surasti veiksmų planą valdant. Title, Konfliktų valdymas statybos projektuose. Conflict Management in Construction Projects. Authors, Mark Girštautas. Publication date, Abstract [ lit].

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Everyone has prejudice and a certain attitude towards value system.

The problems of development of conflict management practices and some stimulating steps are discussed. As well as understanding the characteristics of communication in that country, attitude towards work, time allocations, manners, humour.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Hofstede, who formulated five dimensions. Ability to manage organisational conflicts is the basis for managing conflicts in the national level. Left unresolved or escalating destructively, conflict is expensive, both in financial and human terms.

The research proved hypotheses konfliktk were raised: Effective conflict resolution systems, even in very small organizations, create opportunities for conflict to be identified and addressed early and constructively. To reveal employees opinion on conflict management in N division of Lithuania multi-division hospital.

However the practice shows and conflict expertise also proves that it is possible to create and use legal, organizational and moral mechanisms to deal with the conflicts in the public sector. Hosfstede, kuris suformulavo penkias dimensijas. Everyone is a personality, however people depend on each other when they work together.

Recommendations for improvement of conflict management process along with optimal conflict solution model are provided based on analysis of the research.


The research paper represents an innovative approach to the study of conflict. Most acceptable conflict management knowledge and skill development Recommendations for improvement of conflict management process were provided. Substantiation of the model controling conflicts is grounded if: Factor analysis was used to investigate the structure of study variables. Despite the reality, conflicts constitute an inseparable part of the company; therefore, konflikhu attitude towards conflicts is very important: They all have different political ideological beliefs, confess different religions, different background of education and social status of a family.

International business became a phenomenon of the civilisation at the end of the 20th century, without it none of the bigger companies both abroad and in Lithuania can imagine their business.

Everyone has prejudice and a certain konfoiktu towards value system. A concept of conflict management, conflict causes and types as well as solution methods is provided based on scientific publications. Therefore managers of organisations are supposed to pay more attention to staff management which aims not only at growth of labour productivity rates, but motivation of employees as well as ensuring of appropriate and positive working environment.

Abstract The article deals with the origin of specialized conflict resolution activities in Lithuania and its development possibilities.

Konfliktų valdymas, teikiantis džiaugsmą!

Darbo objektas — konfliktai organizacijose. That is quite simple and obvious: Everyone therefore is unique by its estimations and views and has a right to make mistakes and make their own decisions about good or evil.

Ability to manage organisational conflicts is the basis for managing conflicts in the national level. Organizational conflict is perceived and defined as being not a problem itself.

Konfliktų valdymas tarptautinėse kompanijose

The paper consists of introduction, 3 parts and conclusion. Both national and international business faces smaller or bigger drawbacks. A questionnaire was drafted and employees of both private and public organisations were questioned.


Institutional Repository of Vilnius University: Nevertheless, it is not enough to choose a country, which impresses your business and perform a kongliktu analysis of the market. The majority of the respondents Reveal prevailing conflict management strategies among employees; 3.

The latter factors, which are rarely thought of, have negative influence upon the activity of the company, decrease the efficiency of work and cause conflicts. The article concentrates towards conflicts in the public sector, which are difficult to effect by the third power because of the specifics of the public life. This constructive activity existing a few decades in democratic countries of all continents helps to avoid or lessen violence, exhausting struggle, material and moral losses.

One of the main and most important problems, having significant influence on the capacity of work comes from conflicts. Analysis of how different authors interpret the concept of conflict management was carried out in the paper.

This part also analyses empirical level kinfliktu conflict examination in both Lithuanian and foreign organisations. The object of the research: In the literature of both Lithuanian and foreign authors conflicts and their management are analysed, but it is very difficult to find theory or researches analysing international conflicts.