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KAMMA IS AN ANCIENT CASTE GROUP IN INDIA LIVING IN ANANTAPUR, CHITTOOR, KADAPA, KURNOOL, NELLORE Different views expressed by people regarding Kamma tribe origin, like. . Posted by KAMMA CHARITRA at 6: 58 AM. Kamma caste is a South Indian Dravidian caste. books like (a) Vismrutha Andhra Nayakulu, (b) Kammavari Charitra, (c) Andhrula Charitra. View the profiles of people named Kamma Charitra. Join Facebook to connect with Kamma Charitra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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Another Kamma principality during Golkonda period was Devarakota with Challapalli as its capital. Historians to look at all these points before they come to any conclusion. This was mentioned to be the first marriage between Kshatriya and Reddy communities” Source worldlibrary.

According to Wikipedia the country on the southern bank of Krishna river was ruled by these Dhanunja gotra kings as a defecto independent power for over years beginning of the 12th century to the last quarter of the 13th century.

Kamma (caste)

Another warrior of repute was Muppidi Nayaka who went on an expedition to Kanchidefeated the Pandya king and merged it with Kakatiya dynasty chaitra CE. Shiva B March 25, at He was captured, converted to Islam and taken to Delhi along with Prataparudra. They sometimes append the caste title Naidu to call themselves Kamma Naidu. The exploits kxmma Ramalinga were extolled by many poets. During the Golkonda period, the Sayapaneni Nayaks — ruled Dupadu region as vassals of the Golkonda sultans.

Writing History in South India. It was a strong political force in the state until the mid sixties. Pulivendla, Pulivendla Taluk, Cuddapah District.

KAMMA KULA CHARITRA: Medieval history

Yadavas were present in deccan during Rashtrakut period but were mainly golla folks and were under the control of Rashtrakut Reddy clan Monarchs. Charita caste is kamma and we are shudras as per our Indian history.


The Gandikota Kammas kept the Muslim rulers like the Bahmanis at bay and protected Telugu land for a long time to come. He started as a communist in the foot steps of his father and later entered electoral politics by joining the Telugu Desam Party. This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Prosperity of this ‘caste’ charifra the ‘Christian’ countries speaks of the goodwill earned due to their industrious and broadminded nature.

By this reason that land afterwards called as Kammanadu. Loss of interest in agriculture and the lure of urban environment have only exacerbated the situation. The founder of the chaitra Narasa was granted permission by his patron, the Vharitra, to use the royal seal and boar-signet of the Chalukyas, a proud distinction still kept up. Later managed british with gifts and got Jamindars and occupied some more lands, extended their Jamindaris in Coastal Andhra and settled in Coastal Andhra.

It doesnot matter how all these castes came up and who is superior. Kamma community has developed well in Andhra where as they are still developing and back ward caste in Karnataka, Kamma and Orissa states. On a slab set up at the entrance of the Ranganathasvamin temple. This migration is continuing in line with the many socio-cultural changes being experienced kanma the state of Andhra Pradesh. As kamma community is very less.

The vagaries of weather and a lack of good “support prices” made agriculture unremunerative. The literate Kammas learned the Vedas, wore the sacred threads, taught Sanskrit and performed priestly functions for the lower-caste members, which are said to have generated controversies.

Kakatiyas used to have Reddy as their surname chaitra taking up Deva and Devi. Andhra history is rich in the prowess of all castes and clans in their own chosen spheres. Ranga ‘s study in the s.


King Hariseema krishna who ruled from Dharanikota Mamma belong to this Race. Kaivalya Suthra February 24, at 4: These people are equal to ” Talli palu tagi Tallini Rape chesevollu”. Kamma nayaks migrated in large numbers to the Tamil region.

Though shivaji-marathas fought with muguls they are still shudras and not Kshatriyas. Rani Rudramma is not from any Other casts like kamma,yadav or reddy she z from Velama Caste. Several Kammas were also attracted to leftist ideals and joined the Communist Party. This is dated SakaSukla, Kartika su.

The Kammas of Southern Tamil Nadu have also excelled in the cultivation of black cotton soils and later diversified into various industrial enterprises, particularly in Coimbatore and Kovilpatti. Both may be one and the same or different. The British recognized their prominence and made them village heads Talari also known as Chowdary to collect taxes.

Prior to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, creating the new state of Telangana, the Kammas and the Reddys were politically and economically dominant in the state. F Jagarlamudi Lakshmi Padmavathi – Ex. Ganna was the commander of Warangal fort. Social Change Among Balijas: Economic and social relations”. Aradhya Chowdary August 23, at One ancestor obtained the favor of the Eastern Chalukya King, Vimala Aditya and Saluva Narasa was appointed the Chief of the region around Tirupati, where he founded a town called Narasapuram.