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Get here Jaycar Electronics Sales and the latest deals from Sydney stores. ✓ Start saving now!. Be the first to know about our newest products, specials and promotions. JOIN NOW. CUSTOMER SERVICE. About Jaycar · Contact Us · Delivery & Returns. Our Company. Jaycar Electronics is a leading Australian and New Zealand electronics retail company that is committed to providing our customers with quality.

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For the most part my coworkers have been fantastic people, and my current team are some of the best people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. For jobs in the United States, please visit www. Promotions and special deals are run exclusively for club members, so keep an eye out for them in the monthly cataloguesemail campaigns and on the website.

Learnt many technical things while working there, however nothing a quick internet search wouldn’t have told me.

Jaycar Electronics Employee Reviews

Always something new coming into the shop to learn about. The hardest part of the job would be remembering all the technicalities, there are still things i need to learn and every time i come to work, i learn something new. Our Company Jaycar Electronics is a leading Australian and New Zealand electronics retail company that is committed to providing our customers with quality, range, and value for money.

If you want to earn minimum wage with maximum expectation then this is the place for you. Skill-wise Catalotue have learned how to rapidly learn new information and retain it, retain long strings of numbers and information, process reports, data entry, stock management, scheduling, etc. Workplace culture is catalgue. Good while it lasted. I’d have to say the most difficult part of this job was the ability to meet sales targets as some times there were simply no customers to make the sales.


For the purpose of ensuring service quality, Prospecto. We’re collecting some information in an effort to offer a service that meets our users’ needs as closely as possible.

This form collects your name, email, sex and city. They forget we are a hobby electronics store and don’t always hire the best staff. Want to report incorrect or missing information about a store location? Provided opportunity to advance knowledge in Australian Payroll fundamentals. Productive and fun workplace.

Would arrive at 8: In order to confirm your subscription to catalogud promotions of prospecto. On the other hand, there’s always tough customers who will throw you off with a weird question and the pay isn’t great for all the assumed knowledge, technical advice and occasional observations of customers various projects. Some cool gadgets to use, decent staff discount on most items, relaxed, work can be interesting, seeing projects catalogur.

Most of the time I’d also stay back after my shift was finished to help out if I could and to talk about products and to learn all I could.

Working at Jaycar Electronics: Employee Reviews |

If you are interested in learning about electronics or have a project you wish to complete, Jaycar can help to acheive that as we sell loads of specific parts.

We catalogus a passion for electronics and are proud of the unique products we bring to our customers. It has become a valuable product and information source.


Turn shop on and put out advert signs on road. So Catakogue always get to work 10 to 15 mins early so I could get a iced coffee and get to work on time if not before, I have a quick chat to the manager about the plan for the day. Great place to work. Would you be willing to answer a few questions?

A typical day at work would be busy but very productive. Plenty of new things to learn about and chances to experiment with ideas. The regional manager used to come and he participated in all chores ats he was one of empolyee like us.

The unfortunate closure jatcar RTM in Campbellfield destroyed my employment jyacar, but Jaycar were able to put my current skills to use and give me a second chance. Find My Location or.

Jaycar Electronics Catalogue: Find best Sales and Specials

Some of the harder aspects of this job is some questions about products that I know only little about although try and do quick research on the computer to see if I can find the correct answer. Co-workers were a variety of highly skilled and complete morons, neither particularly socially adept. Highly overworked and not properly compensated, expected to perform long hours and often without correct breaks.

Enjoyed every day working with the team, until management would get involved. Improve your location to receive the best offers near you!