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Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop. 5 MB app. Asma ul Ashab e Badr Ashab e Badr ke namon se her dua qabool. Related to Duaen Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Battle of Badr. Jis Waqt Mushrikon K Lashkar Se Atba, Sheba, Or Waleed Jese Bahadur Medan Me Aa Kr Islam k Sipahiuon Ko Lalkara Us Waqt Rasool E.

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17 Ramadan Ghazwa e Badar, The first battle in history of Islam

Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: All knowledge of the battle jaang Badr comes from traditional Islamic accounts, both hadiths and biographies of Muhammadrecorded in written form some time after the battle.

The Battle of Badr is one of the few battles explicitly discussed in the Quran. Al-Kafi Volume 8 ed. Retrieved from ” https: Abu Sufyan subsequently became a high-ranking official in the Muslim Empire, and i son Muawiya would later go on to found the Umayyad Caliphate. During this period Muhammad employed three broad military strategies against the Meccans.

Several Muslim warriors including, according to some sources, Ali who had ridden ahead of the main column captured two Meccan water carriers at the Badr wells. At the same time Abd-Allah ibn UbayyMuhammad’s chief opponent in Medina, found his own position seriously weakened.


Advancing to a strong defensive positionMuhammad’s well-disciplined force broke the Meccan lines, killing several important Quraishi leaders including the Muslims’ chief antagonist Abu Jahl.

Profession of faith Prayer Fasting Alms-giving Pilgrimage. By Him in Whose Hands my life is, if I should see him, then my body will not leave his body till either of us meet his fate. People and things in the Quran. Wikisource has original text related to this article: In Aprilit was reported in Medina that Abu Sufyan was leading a caravan from Syria to Mecca containing weapons to be used against the Muslims.

Ghazwa-e-Badar Mai Sab Se Pehle Shaheed

Sahih al-Bukhari4: Fifth Revised Edition,p. The Muslims also brought seventy camels and two horses, meaning that they either had to walk or fit three to four men per camel.

Sahih al-Bukhari mentions that Uthman did not join the battle:. Muhammad was born in Mecca around CE into the Quraish tribe.

Ye wished that the one unarmed should be yours, but Allah Willed to justify the Truth according to His Words and to cut off the roots of the Unbelievers. After they descended from ‘Aqanqal, the Meccans set up another camp inside the valley. After a while I saw Abu Jahl walking amongst the people. Shortly thereafter, Muhammad himself left for Medina. Allah’s Apostle asked, “Which of you has killed him?

Ghazwa E Badar Mai Sab Se Pehle Shaheed

By 11 March both armies were about a day’s march from Badr. It had rained the previous day and they struggled to move their horses and camels up the hill of ‘Aqanqal. The writing is Ottoman Naskh.

  EN 1366-4 PDF

Wherever you go, we shall go with you. Translated urdh Alfred Guillaume. Armstrong suggests they may have been concerned about the power that Abu Jahl would gain from crushing the Muslims.

Marshall Hodgson adds that Badr forced the other Arabs to “regard the Muslims as challengers and potential inheritors to the prestige and the political role of the [Quraish]. Archived from the original on 20 August We, however, tell you quite the reverse of it and say: The Meccans, understrength and unenthusiastic about fighting, promptly broke and ran. Though the Sura does not name Badr, it describes the battle, and several of the verses are commonly thought to have been jrdu or shortly after the battle.

I said to the boys”Look! So Hamza approached forward and called on Ubayda and Ali to join him. In war and in peace, we shall be consistently faithful to you. One of them called my attention saying, “O Uncle!