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Kansas Intoxalock User’s Manual. 1. Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED. Section – Introduction. Your vehicle is (or will be) equipped with an. Intoxalock Installation Manual. ATTENTION ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL. AND SHOP MANAGERS: Under NO circumstances is an ignition. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. 5 years ago More. Interlock Arizona. Follow. 0. Share.

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If you received equipment shipped directly to your home, please make sure that you return the equipment immediately following removal, and then contact Intoxalock to fully close your account. Ignition interlock device pricing and billing How much does an Intoxalock cost? Are there other sources of alcohol that an Intoxalock device could read?

Please feel free to contact Intoxalock via chat, email or phone, and we will be happy to answer questions related to your specific requirement. Intoxalock has more locations than any other interlock provider — find one today! What paperwork should I receive at my installation appointment? Read more about why Intoxalock is the industry leading ignition interlock provider.

Generally, within minutes of starting your vehicle, the Intoxalock will ask for another breath sample. Each state determines how many attempts you have at providing a passing sample. Depending on state requirements, lock outs can be caused by blowing a BrAC that is above the state specific limit, blowing too many high BrACs, failing to submit a breath sample or trying to tamper with or circumvent your ignition interlock device.

Anonymous Darlene Kephart Jul 05 How do I choose an ignition interlock provider? The most common is a simple blow, inhale, blow method that is like powerful breathing. Your Name or Login. Yes 0 No 1.


Once the temporary lock out is over, you will be able to submit another sample. You may try to restart your vehicle without submitting a breath sample as soon as the countdown appears.

What should I do if I get a false positive?

Can I buy an insurance plan for my ignition interlock device? Can I voluntarily install an ignition interlock device? Installing an ignition interlock device How long does it take to install an Intoxalock? For more information regarding the rolling retest feature, please login at https: In addition, Intoxalock offers ignition interlock devices with cameras for extra visibility. Please review the last page of your lease and User’s Manual for additional information. This will vary based upon your state.

I agree to TOS Cancel. Need an ignition interlock installed? There are two methods of submitting a breath sample, depending on your state’s requirement.

If the Intoxalock device displays anything other than 0. If your vehicle stalls, turn your key off. Attempting to bypass your ignition interlock device will lead to stiff penalties as determined by your state. We do caution you however, to make sure the countdown appears. Where can I go to have my ignition interlock device installed?

Ignition Interlock Frequently Asked Questions | Intoxalock

For more information regarding turning your vehicle off, please refer to “Section 2. Find an installer near you! An ignition interlock device, also known as an interlock systemis a breathalyzer installed in your vehicle to prevent somebody from starting their car while intoxicated.

We need to know what the LED screen on the hand held is saying to be able to help you as quickly as possible. Strict ignition interlock laws have manuql countless numbers of intoxaalock across the country.


How will it be reported that my device is installed? I wish to receive email notifications about future comments. Where in the denver area can I find an auto body shop that will work on a vehicle with an intoxilock on it. Please review the last page of your lease and User Manual for additional information. In most states, Intoxalock devices are certified to go the longest period of time between calibrations.

When installed correctly, an ignition interlock will never damage your vehicle. Find answers to all of your ignition interlock questions.

Because of this, we strongly recommend that you wait minutes after eating, drinking, putting anything in your mouth other than water or using any product that contains alcohol prior to submitting a breath sample. Once you pass the test, you will be able to start your vehicle.

How to use your device

Mankal you need to have work done on your vehicle when you have an ignition interlock device installed, make sure the mechanic knows about the device. Can I buy an ignition interlock device? How many times can you fail an ignition interlock device?

Intoxalock installers are highly trained to quickly and carefully install your equipment. Calibrations are required by the state, not the interlock provider, so failure to comply may result in penalties. Payment by DirectWeasel October 8,