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Since design objectives and local requirements vary greatly, it’s impossible for us to provide simple “how to” instructions for most projects. However, we can offer. Owner’s Manual for version 10 of the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System, provides complete details on the calculations performed by the software, plus. HydroCAD Owner’s Manual by HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC () Paperback. Paperback. $ HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System.

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All Formats Paperback Sort by: This will activate the report screen, which allows you to design a custom report for your project.

H y d r o C A D. Owner’s Manual

Rainfall Depth Maps Appendix C: When properly configured, HydroCAD keeps track of the number of licenses and users, allowing only the licensed number of copies hydricad run at one time. Portions used under license from third parties. But more often, it is used to generate a complete inflow or runoff hydrograph and route it through the pond.

These practices included the following. Lexington County Land Development Manual for information on all. All rights More information. Updated installation program for Windows Vista.


A link may be used to 1 enter a hydrograph generated outside HydroCAD, 2 interconnect several routing diagrams, 3 scale a hydrograph, 4 split a hydrograph into two components for htdrocad routing, or 5 define a fixed or tidal tailwater elevation. Right-click any message for other related options.

All of the state-level stormwater management manuals reviewed in the test. Fast hydrograph plots with detailed annotations. The outflow of each pond is determined by a hydrograph routing calculation which attenuates and delays the peak flow.

As the model becomes hydocad complex, a single modeling error can have gydrocad consequences, making it more difficult to locate. See page 35 for further details on default projects and project storage, or select Help Index and type Project.

The pre-installed chamber definitions are based on common industry designs, as manufactured by Shea ConcreteUnited Concrete Productsand others.

Design With HydroCAD – Model Stormwater Chambers | NEPCA

This lets you see the effects of different values without having to re-open the window each time. Query points and query lines. A link can be used to define an arbitrary tailwater elevation vs.

Multiple inflows are summed automatically. Muskingum-Cunge reach routing procedure added.

H y d r o C A D. Owner’s Manual – PDF

For chambers in a stone bed, you can describe the shape and dimensions of the outer excavation, plus the stone voids porosityand the composite storage is calculated automatically. To show hydrograph summation. Your rights are subject to the limitations and restrictions imposed by international and U. No program can substitute for human creativity, but it can greatly aid that creativity by assisting with the critical analysis of each idea or design.


Immediate and consolidation settlement. After you have completed the tutorial, you should be able to begin creating your.

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Triton system on his or her. To un-route an outflow, drag the arrow head back to the originating node. Certain nodes can also have a discarded outflow such as the exfiltration from a pond which is always discarded and not available for further routing.

Once a report window is open, calculations are automatically updated whenever a change occurs that affects that node or report. Project files are small and easily transmitted as attachments. Manual minimum criteria, Section.