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Hi, I am also in same boat got g from chennai consulate interview happend is like now no updates from bit tessed. Thanks. Hi everyone, I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study . I got H1B visa stamped in Chennai consulate. After working. On Saturday, December 29, , from p.m. until p.m. (Washington, DC time), CEAC will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Users will.

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Really appreciate your time and advices, thanking you I and family attended H1b Visa stamping 2nd time interview at Hyderabad in May, on 2nd employer B hyderabwd g white paper. Immediately After Getting g It is good to ask as the officer as soon as the g letter is handed out about the nature of the g given and what next steps need to be taken to overcome it. I have my classes on jan 8th. I submitted documents next day.

Sign in Already have an account? Learn how your comment data is processed. Yes if you cant fund it. May 3, at 1: I was given a form g and asked to provide proof of Sevis payment and cinsulate passport via DHL. I always had this feeling that I will get an Administrative Processing g because I have done my Masters in Biotechnology. A lady standing before me went to the counter; he approved her visa in less than a minute. Are you implying your 21g can not be found on the site having been there sometime back?

Visa Officer gave me g without any document being asked.


January 20, at 7: By TgvpAugust 30, in H1B: I have attended for my H1b interview in April and I received g at New Delhi consulate and asked me to submit my USA Master transcripts and few college documents and college htderabad tickets ,internship agreements my pay stubs etc.

I wish everyone the very best! Refused is different from rejected. June 10, at What can cojsulate do to over come this situation? June 27, at 3: I have been checking status on my DS and the Administrative Processing status is not changing.

I sent mail to consulate requesting them to request document from deloitte and communication from them since. The VO has been frank and told you exactly what is the problem in issuing you a visa.

The questions that hunt me daily are the following 1. Posted August 30, Best of luck and hyderbaad your best at Ph. Adolf on July 24, at 7: August 22, at 8: Posted September 6, Even though usually they get the same response with only some additional details about the nature of the case it might help as the response would be from a legal team in DOS.

Hi AKmohamm I have attended for my H1b interview in April and I received g at New Delhi consulate and asked me to submit my USA Master transcripts and few college documents and college flight tickets ,internship agreements my pay stubs etc.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

If the consulate has given you a questionnaire complete it as hyderrabad as possible and return it. It might be a good idea to have your employer file it as it will have a higher likelihood of getting accepted by the judicial system. My husband already had his interview in Jan in Nicaragua. Refusal is based on the perception of the VO and can change in the very next interview. Can some one let me know will consualate send mail to cosulate requesting document?


Any ideas as to what I should do and whom to contact? But there is not one solution that works for all. You will need your passport number and date of birth.

G white slip Hyderabad consulate Jul – H1B : Visa Stamp – Murthy Law Firm

Hi Adolf, They kept my passport with them and yes my case number was there on the site for about 22 days after my interview and then it was removed from the site, which really means that adm processing is complete. I have applied to tourist visa from nigeria lagos.

My wife got the similar kind of response.

November 7, at 1: Usually the easiest method to contact them is email them. I consklate to wait for around two hours and then my number flashed, at LED and I reported at the counter.

I help some help. TgvpDid you receive any update for your case? The VO has to pass on the interview transcript to another team who does a background check.

After 1 year This happens in very rare cases. All my sevis information is clear and I have always been in valid status.