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The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intimacy, they are unrivaled in all of Scripture. How to Read the Psalms has ratings and 31 reviews. The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intima. No wonder Christians have used the Psalms in worship from the earliest times to the How to Read the Psalms () by Tremper Longman III.

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The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. Longman’s explanation of this christology found in the psalms is helpful. We all love the psalms because we can identify with them and put ourselves in place of the writer. Psalm 98, that is a hymn of praise.

How to Read the Psalms by Tremper Longman III

The final division provides specific examples of the process of interpretation. Also, there’s note section and a guide to commentaries. Like my previous read, I chose to read this book in preparation for a more in depth study in the Psalms. I highly recommend this book as a quick introduction to reading the Psalms and am certain that my forthcoming study will be more profitably on account of what I’ve read here. It quite made me wish that I could understand Hebrew, to study the psalms in their original languages.

Psalm 69, which is a lament, and finally Psalm 30, which is a thanksgiving psalm.

Refresh and try again. Yet the Psalms cause us difficulties when we look at t The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. Wright, and probably read Rexd Keller’s new book on the psalms, which I’ll read it I get the chance. The work is broken down into three sections. Be the first to ask a question about How to Read the Psalms.

Book Review: How To Read The Psalms by Tremper Longman III

Open Preview See a Problem? Recalling Calvin’s words that the Psalms are “an anatomy of all the parts of the soul,” Longman urges us to read the Psalms, because they “appeal to the whole person. After reading this book I see how much I’ve been missing.


The hoow has a lot of exercises and is practical. But the feel of the book is instructive and devotional, rather than dry and technical. How To Read The Psalms.

Tyrone Myers rated it it was amazing Apr 11, The best part was the explication of 3 different Psalms at the end combining all of the ideas he talked about throughout the book.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is my intent not longmah to recommend this work but to use it in a small group setting for teaching on hermeneutics.

Helpful intro to reading the Psalms, along with application of a method of reading individual Psalms. This is a solid academic introduction to the psalms for the curious biblical student.

I think this is a decent first book to read about the Psalms but probably unnecessary if you have read any other books on the topic. Here is a lomgman for all those who long to better understand these mirrors of the soul.

I was skeptical of such a wide range of intended audience, but I must admit he managed exceptionally well to meet this ambitious goal.

How to Read the Psalms

It’s not a super gripping read and it’s not mind blowing but it’s solid and beneficial. It helps you to learn to identify genres, which in turn, helps you longmann better understand what you are reading.

I often times read the the Psalter quickly and without much reflection. Anybody can benefit from this. Clear, practical and brief. I’d recommend to anyone who is looking to better understand Psalm genre and poetry, and it is more clear and concise than similar offerings. Likewise, his discussion of imagery in the Psalms serves to introduce us to the concept more than to provide us with specific examples and technical approaches to interpretation.

You are commenting using your Thhe account. To that end, Longman sheds light on ways in which the Psalms can be read and reflected.


Heed the psalms of wisdom. His joint editorial work with Raymond Dillard on An Introduction to the Old Testament served to cement his name among such scholars. Other books in the series. May 22, Machella rated it really liked it. Instead, he argues that the Psalms can function, for the New Testament people of God, just as they did for the Old Testament people: Raed two examines the origin, development and use of the Psalms, including some helpful reflection on the titles, authorship, and historical events behind some of the psalms.

The latter can easily be looked readd and analyzed, tye former needs serious consideration if we are to rightly discern a commentators interpretation. This may lead some to conclude that the Psalms are largely Messianic and predictive, then, and serve that isolated function, Longman disagrees.

Psalms have been great for that. All of this expressed in song, to boot! Chapter four, on the other hand, focuses on “a Christian reading of the Psalms,” thoughtfully exploring how the Psalms relate to Jesus. Longman thinks that a single structure for the whole Psalter probably does not exist and so ignores a huge aspect necessary to understanding the psalms.


Book Review: How To Read The Psalms by Tremper Longman III – Pastor Dave Online

This book is like a Psalm compass. But the feel of the book is instructive and devotional, rather than dry and technical. The Psalms are not limited, of course, to the Old Testament, for they are the most frequently quoted in all the New Testament, and that is for good reason.