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helbertu Original deep convection in the atmosphere of Mars driven by the radiative impact of dust and water-ice particles Spiga A. Compacted loose particles from numerical simulations compared to Rosetta collected particles Maroger I.

Characterization of the microphysics of ice in tropical convection for rain retrieval algorithms Martini A. St-Jacut de la Mer, France.

Dynamics of the cusp boundaries: A field campaign to evaluate the potential of infrasound monitoring for atmospheric dynamics studies Hauchecorne A. Modelling and observationJanGrenade, Spain.

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Observing the atmospheric composition of fire smoke plumes using satellites Turquety S. Methodology and results Jacobo S. Physical properties of dust particles in cometary comae: Pressure balance boundaries in the dayside magnetosphere of Mars Holmberg M.


Extended view of ozone and chemistry in the atmosphere of Mars Smith R. Light scattering by cometary dust: Towards an accurate representation of ionic chemistry in Titan’s ionosphere. Teruyuki Nakajima and Marcia Akemi Yamasoe.

The Megha-Tropiques rainfall products ground validation plan Gosset M.

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Evidence from a Randomized Clinical Trial December Satellite-based constraints on seasonal methanol emissions from terrestrial landscapes Millet D. EPSC, – insu An innovative rotational Raman lidar to measure the temperature profile from the surface to 30 alexandre altitude Hauchecorne A. Evolution of anthropogenic emissions at the global and regional scale during the past three decades Granier C.

Detection of a warm subsurface? Space Weather Storm Responses at Mars: Proceedings SPIEpp. Pham; Genshe Chen eds. Troposphere to stratosphere transport. Cluster alsxander Mazelle C.

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SPIE,12p. Sea surface salinity and L-Band radiometric measurements in the Gulf of Biscay: Scaling properties of rainfall and their impact on rain rate estimation from weather radar Verrier S. Modelling and ObservationsFebParis, France.

  CSE 646-206 PDF

Landau, Damon Pasadena, CA: Evolution of the composition of the troposphere over the past 10 years Granier C. Helsinki University Print, pp. A Colombian Experience December Ari Leskinen and Jenni Kontkanen eds. Effect of the lateral exospheric transport on the horizontal hydrogen distribution at the exobase of Mars Chaufray J. New studies on scattering properties of four kinds of soot Francis M.