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Cuando la grúa viajera funciona en la línea que no hay ningún obstáculo, la altura del gancho, esparcidor y la superficie inferior del objeto debe mantener más. Ellsen ofrece grúa bipuente con dos vigas de carga para los trabajos más pesados. Cabina de control para puente grúa/grúa viajera, fabricante Ellsen. Sobre las grúas viajeras industriales: la grúa viajera que consta de un elemento portador formado por una o dos vigas móviles, apoyadas o suspendidas, sobre.

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If the buyer does not remove its purchases within the established period, it will be considered that the lot has been abandoned by the owner. If the participant does not complete a single purchase, he must properly fill out the return format and send it to the following email address: Online buyers will receive an email with their final statement once the sale is finished.

Supplier mtec global co.

On-site bidders must present their deposit vouchers in the registration office prior the auction to validate their payment. You are the current highest bidder!

Video Grúa Viajera

There will be not partial removals. The Bidder recognizes that the auction site is potentially dangerous. Auctioneer makes no warranties or guarantees whatsoever whether written, oral or implied as to quality, quantity, condition, usability, salability, weight, measurement, year, model, mechanical condition, performance or other specifications and without By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


This auction is live! Sorting function by trading transactions trua date that offered will be easy to get regular customers and new partners of bando grua viajera de mexico s. You have been outbid.

Grúas y Polipastos del Norte

Peer Company Recommended US peers that importing and exporting vianera products like bando grua viajera de mexico s. All goods are sold under the conditions that are found, without warranty, at the place of location and with all possible defects “as it is and where it is”neither the seller nor THE AUCTIONER offer any written or implied grka, as to the nature, quality, value or condition of any good.

The business value of trading partners is to lead you to direct competitors and potential target customers. Monday — Thursday, 8: Trading Geua Through bando grua viajera de mexico s. We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon. Ends from Nov 14, South Korea 3 Click Ports of Entry, you can consult all cargo information of bando grua viajera de mexico s.

Maquinarias Cruz Del Sur S. Without any exception, the full payment must be viajrea before the removal of any good.


Auctioneer has chosen not to publish the price of this lot. Bidders must examine or inspect the goods from the 12th fiajera the 13th of November,requesting an appointment with an auctioneer representative at the following address: There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later. For the best chance of winning, increase your maximum bid. Myron Bowling Auctioneers Mexico.

Cranes & hoist

Follow bando grua viajera de mexico s. The applicable exchange rate for any payment must be the one established by the Bank of Mexico on the day when the payment is completed.

Certain goods for sale may contain “hazardous substances” as defined under federal, state and local laws and regulations. Unfortunately, your registration has been declined by the auctioneer. Click ‘Trading Partner’, you can consult the details between bando grua viajera de mexico s.

Your registration has been successful. There will be not any reclaims after that.