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From the Wikipedia Page on Grace (as of Nov ) Llewellyn published the Teenage Liberation Handbook through her publishing company, Lowry House. The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education, which was published in by Grace Llewellyn, is a book focusing. The Teenage Liberation Handbook. Grace Llewellyn Homeschooling parents of teenagers are rarely teachers, in the school sense of the word, and this book.

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Better recommendations would be: The main arguments are that schools use passive learning, busywork and prioritize appearance over reality. Is that even possible?

The Teenage Liberation Handbook

I guess high school, according to Llewellyn, is the real killer but college is what one should be striving for. It llewe,lyn like Genius Tribe all over again. Freedom without boundaries is miserable.

It’s full of connections and real life experiences she has had with students and the school system back when she was a teacher. Finally, on a different note: This article about an education -related book is a stub. This book was repeatedly recommended to me because I don’t like my homeschooling situation and needed a change.

It wasn’t very well written, and it was a bit more liberal politically than I would teenagge, and the language just seemed very disrespectful all the way around. Index of youth rights-related articles.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education

I’m 16, and I left school seven years ago, so I’d say I’m pretty close to the target audience for this book. This just means they taught us the difference between facts, opinions, and how to form your own opinion. Trivia About The Teenage Liber I’m sorry to say that to me also there wasn’t enough attention to the common fears and uncertainties that come from both inside your own head and the people around you when you make this kind of major, pretty unorthodox life decision again I’m taking about hajdbook home-education here, not stopping school – to my disappointment, the latter was given more emphasis.


In this book, Grace Llewellyn gives teenagers the tools they need to quit traditional school and educate themselves at home.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook – Wikipedia

When you tell your daughter about that upcoming lecture on medieval life, make it clear that you are simply passing along information, not giving an assignment. Essentially, a resource list.

Maybe I’m just easily annoyed. At times I agreed with what she said about public schooling, but a lo This was very difficult to finish. The writing is dynamic and interesting, the premise libdration good one, but I can’t see all the fuss.

I wanted something more. Yes, she does sometimes cover quitting school and pursuing very important stuff like research, activism, and entrepreneurship, but those parts were too rare and too far in-between.

I can imagine encouraging our kids to read this book when they turn It’s a time for you to “find yourself,” or at least go looking. I opened the book, read a few pages and it was over.

These kids are going to go to school, anyway. Still, a lot of what she recommends to “unschool” are things that I either remember doing in school, or that the school offered sometimes, I didn’t bother taking advantage of everything – because I had no interest in it!

That disturbed me a lot in the beginning. Lists with This Book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With th Grace Llewellyn taught school for three years before unschooling herself and writing The Teenage Liberation Handbook at the age of twenty-six. Anyone who has ever been let down by traditional educational systems. Nice skills for the future you got there. The sun is rising on your life.


See 1 question about The Teenage Liberation Handbook…. She seemed combative and at times had a condescending tone which, I realize, reflects her anger at her own situation in which she received a traditional education through college.

Publishers, authors, and service providers never pay to be reviewed. Sometimes I think perhaps school really does completely destroy that fierce, free spirit in some people. Grace Llewellyn explains the entire process, from making the decision to quit school, to discovering the teenaye opportunities available.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook | Shikshantar

Disclosure of Material Connection: Oct 16, Ashe rated it did not like it. Jun 24, L. From time to time, you will find the words of other parents and adults, some of which may reassure you.

In fact, I call your bluff and say that those who enjoy school are the ones who are really alive. If you give up on her, snoop, push, or frequently anxiously inquire into the status of her algebraic knowledge, you will destroy any chance you had for a healthy family relationship, and you will send her right back liveration school, where there is so much less to lose.

In addition to this, I found myself pretty disappointed with the advice for once you get started home-educating. Llewellyn demonstrates that there is no goal you can reach with schooling that you can’t reach outside of formal schooling — and describes what she sees as the advantages of doing it that way.