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Goldenseal by Gill McKnight is a fun supernatural romance with a mystery twist. Amy returns to her childhood home, Little Dip, to finish the. When Amy Fortune returns to her childhood home, she discovers something sinister in the airbut is former lover Leone Garoul stalking her or. Goldenseal (Garoul, book 1) by Gill McKnight – book cover, description, publication history.

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It took a while to get into it but once I was, I was hooked. I don’t want to say too much because this would be a very easy book to spoil, but I really liked it and would definitely recommend it. A mcknibht in paradise with the ex-girlfriend from Hell.

I could feel the weather and smell the forest and when a book does that, it’s one I’ll come back to again. Third in the Garoul Series. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Jolie is golrenseal to change her mind, but how does a lycanthrope woo a human?

The main character later addresses it and says gildenseal was abused, both mind and body, but it still left a bitter taste in my mouth. I really don’t think that I’m ‘too sensitive’ in this regard.

The fact, that there was no actual need to hide those secrets from main characters seriously, she was freind of the family, her aunt was in relationship with one of the werewolves and became werewolf herself, “protecting” Amy from truth they were going to tell her anyway had no logical reasons whatsoever! The Garouls have set their best hunters after her before she self-destructs and takes the whole pack with her.

Amy and Leone were adorable in their tug of war about admitting they still loved each other.


A more sinister predator has Luc in her crosshairsa hunter as cunning and unforgiving as her prey. Mcknoght a desperate race against time, with the hounds of hell snapping at their heels, can they save herand does Isabelle want to be saved?

But it sounded like the whole roof was being ripped off in the night! Her methods, however, are the stuff myths are made of. Amy Fortune and Leone Garoul gill teenage lovers. Return to Book Page. I feel that Amy and Leone’s story isn’t really finished and I’m hoping that they will make an appearance in Ambereye. Bothers me a lot, even goldensael it was addressed and resolved in the book and in the end I guess you can put it down to genre-specific cliche.

As for the sex scenes that some other reviewers mentioned felt a little rape-y It was simply introduced and it was very interesting to learn all of this but then after Amy learns the secret of the Garoul family it sort of just falls out of play. And why hasnt Leone moved on? Maybe I’m weird, but I found that really romantic. Amy wants nothing to do with Leone and mcknigut would do anything to avoid goldensea.

As more and more of the Garoul family arrive for a special hunting weekend, parts of the puzzle come together and Amys fears escalate as she moves closer to the truthand the secret that has eluded her since childhood. Second Chance at Love. Dec 03, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book, even if I wanted to smack the living mclnight out of the Leone character for not spilling any info when Amy starts finding some seriously unavoidable evidence regarding the mysteries of the valley.


Oct 04, Siri rated it it was ok Shelves: As more and more of the Garoul family arrive for a special hunting weekend, parts of the puzzle come together and Amy’s fears escalate as she moves closer to the truth—and the secret that bu eluded her since childhood.

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Goldenseal by Gill McKnight | Bold Strokes Books

This was a well written mystery and romance. You Might Also Like. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

Mar 23, Jem rated it really liked it Shelves: Goldenseall loved this book.

Its not until page that you have an inkling of what is already going on. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I didn’t really study the clues.

Goldenseal (Garoul, #1) by Gill McKnight

Jan 29, V rated it really liked it. Is something trying to break into my cabin? I read it in a day and a half and found myself lost goldensea, the world she created.

But Leone has other ideas, and insists on following Amy all around the woods for her protection. Finds a mutilated deer corpse, lets it go. I really liked Ambereye which is almost all romance, with the main character Jolie really amusing, so nervous and sweet. The title should be at least 4 characters long. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

Aug 10, Jimmy Hanson rated it liked it Shelves: I can’t let you wander on your own.