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It’s called the GigaPower , and comes in an “Auto” and “Manual” variation. This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast. For these reasons we. Perfect lightweight backpacking stove! It packs up into a very small size and works with many different brands of fuel. It is easy to light and adjust, is very stable. A compact, powerful and reliable backpacking stove, The Gigapower Manual packs the same trusted punch as the Gigapower Auto without the added weight of.

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Snow Peak offers a lifetime warranty for all of its products. Can be a trick to turn down super low and puts out so much heat that you must be careful not to burn your food. How does a gigapowee stand out?

It packs up into a very small size and comes with a light plastic canister which I used initially. Beyond orchestrating the daily flow of Backpackers. I then purchased the GSI Pinnacle Dualist Cooksetwhich came with a small fabric pouch for your stove, which I use now and it fits perfectly into one of the covered bowls of that cookset. It took roughly 10 minutes to boil a liter of water at our campsite using an MSR fuel can with a very light wind.

Snow Peak GigaPower Review | Backpacking Stove Review |

I have a fast setup system to my fishing pole and this stove was boiling water before I had gotten down to the lake to throw my line out. Used exclusively in three season conditions, I recommend… July 31, mahoosucmayhem 63 reviewer rep Rating: This stove is light, packable, durable, and cooks like a beast.

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It’s reliable, never had a single issue with it. I’m very, very pleased with the simplest of innovations–it makes life that much more interesting.

I got this stove about 18 months ago and have gone… January 20, Josh guest Rating: Fuel is a bit bulky, but they last for 3 days 3 meals a day. Added a piezo, which has also worked very well, although I always carry a backup lighter. Got this stove 5 years ago and it’s never failed me. Finally, Snow Peak sells a nifty windscreen for the GigaPower stove. More on backpacking stove weights in our Guide.

Our mission is to empower all walks of life to be ambassadors of the outdoors. Specifically, the Piezo ignition and the burner arms rotate slowly after use and bend quickly.

Many people complain about the burner adjustability, but I have not had a problem with it. The one time I used it on an extra tall fuel can it was very unstable.

Still an excellent pick for a backpacking stove! Always bring backup fire though. The flame control is pretty good; you can turn it down to a simmer, but I’ve found that the flame tends to creep up just a little after you get it low not a big deal. I re-lit it in a moment with the Piezo ignition and showed him how — simmer on, Garth. The stove is in one piece, and the case is two pieces, a lid and the case.

Most backpacking stoves have three pot supports, which work, but the extra one allows for better stability over a wider range of pot sizes. This stove is very stable.


Instead, the flames come out of the sides of the stove in small, isolated chambers.

Snow Peak GigaPower Manual Reviews – Trailspace

Highly recommended to use on a backpacking trip if you want food or heat FAST. This stove is great. I even sautee fiddleheads and wild mushrooms in a little olive oil with my main course.

If you want steaks or a big meal I’d suggest using fire. We do not accept payments or gifts from brands and vendors, and strive to provide unbiased, independent advice. The GigaPower is relatively small when compacted. February 5, updated Dec 15, It is not possible to get the flame to super low, but that has never been problematic since I am usually using the stove to boil water for pasta or rice. Although it is a manual stove, it is good enough to light with anything from matches to lighters or a fire steel.

Gigapower Stove Manual

It packs up into a very small size and works with many different brands of fuel. More on backpacking stove fuel types in our Guide. All you need for the GigaPower 2. This works reliably well and is handy.

Usually I pack some extra aluminum foil to create a wind shield around the flame. We recommend it as well. It works with many different brands of gas canisters that you can purchase at any outdoors store or even Walmart.