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11 ago. tratamento da fratura de Barton Volar e Dorsal. São fraturas intra articulares no terço distal do rádio que podem ser dorsal ou volar. Barton fractures are fractures of the distal radius. It is also sometimes termed the dorsal type Barton fracture to distinguish it from the volar type or reverse Barton. Fraturas do rádio distal (Fratura de Colles) . patients over 40 years old, except for cases of fractures caused by avulsion and Barton’s fracture.

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Yes, in all surgical treatments. On the left another fragura with malunion and osteoarthritis. Dislocation of the radiocarpal joint is the hallmark of Barton’s fractures.

Colles’ fracture A Colles’ fracture is a fracture of the distal metaphysis of the radius with dorsal angulation and displacement leading to a ‘silver fork deformity’.

External fixation was used to barfon the radius. Bbarton are partial fractures, since only one part of the bone is broken and the other side is bent. A barron fracture is reduced under regional or general anaesthetic. Current radiographs are shown in Figure D and a clinical photograph of the affected wrist is shown in Figure E. How important is this topic for clinical practice? This is a common injury sustained from bike falls, as the thumb is generally extended while around the handle bars.


The initial treatment for most radius fractures is closed reduction and plaster immobilization.

Distal Radius Fractures

Radiographs are provided in Figures A-C. At the time of the injury, this was treated operatively with irrigation and debridement and placement of an ex-fix spanning the fractures.

The normal volar tilt averages 11 degrees and has a range ee degrees. Therefore, the sample size calculation was not related to the total number of fratrua. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The closed reduction method most used was manual reduction.

Fratura em galho verde

Displacement of the fragment is uncommon. How would you manage this patient at this time? Fx dislocation of radiocarpal joint with intra-articular fx involving the volar or dorsal lip volar Barton or dorsal Barton fx.

Volar-type Barton’s is a fracture-dislocation of the volar rim of the radius. The treatment decision of a distal radius fracture is complex and depends on the type of the fracture, the age and activeness of the patient and the quality of the fraura.

The distal ulna articulates with the sigmoid notch of the radius.

J Bone Joint Surg Br. Articular incongruity is the most important factor in the development of posttraumatic osteoarthritis of the wrist. The fracture was an open fracture type 1 with a small wound on the volar aspect of the distal ulna.


Fratura de úmero – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Chauffeur’s fracture An isolated fracture of the fe styloid process is also called a Hutchinson’s or chauffeur’s fracture. Fernandez Classification This classification is popular, since it addresses the mechanism of injury and the consequent treatment options.

Anaesthesia for treating distal radial fracture in adults. A volar buttress plate is the treatment of choice.

This ligamentous attachment ensures that the proximal fragment remains in its correct anatomical position. Archived from the original PDF on Two hours following closed reduction, the deformity is corrected, but the numbness and wrist pain is worsening.

Other complaints include intense pain experienced upon catching the thumb on an object, such as when reaching into a pants pocket. Finally at 6 weeks follow-up, there is frathra with extreme dorsal tilt, radial shortening and loss of inclination.