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RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v .. Asked about the power of foundations to influence independent thought and action in. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations, their power and influence. Front Cover. René Albert Wormser. Devin-Adair Co., – Social Science – pages.

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How, then, were officers of the Institute able to turn its activities to pro- Soviet objectives?

They have as little right to use their trust funds for partisan ends as they have to put them into their own pockets. He discusses problems of foundation ad- ministration and control which are grave indeed and has ren- dered a great service in preparing this sober and thoughtful work.

Mosely trustee Harvey S. It is some- times extremely difficult to draw the line, for example, between those forms of education which are essential or desirable in our democratic society and those which have as their ends the promo- tion of political value-concepts in the realm of ideas.

The State or Government should neither subsidize them nor be subsidized by them, nor cooperate with them. Students at a total of 16 institutions re- ceived It may also influence commercial publishers via the expert readers to whom books are submitted before pub- lication.

The State under whose laws a foundation is organized might penalize it in various ways or even dissolve it for misconduct. The organization was run by an inner group of its executives.

Want to Read saving…. Similarly, the nature of the reviews given to his paper may be of vital importance. It is possi- ble that this could be mere coincidence, but it is extremely un- likely. It is, indeed, rarely done.

Foundations, their power and influence – René Albert Wormser – Google Books

They are the consultants of government, the planners, and the designers of foundationd theory and practice. Labor, on the other hand, has sometimes complained that, if the corporation is so affluent as to be able to create and maintain a foundation of its own, it could afford to pay higher wages.

The unmanageable volume of business which confronts the trustees of a great foundation does not, however, excuse that dele- gation of power so often practiced.


In the inter- est of continuing a free market for ideas, the managements of granting and receiving institutions should be carefully separated and kept clear of any taint of conflict of interest. Such organizations claim tax exemption, though principally devoted to the pwer of political group interests in legislation. The Council on Foreign Relations, another member of the toundations complex, financed powre by the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations, overwhelmingly propagandizes the globalist concept.

As indicated wormsdr their arrogance in dealing with this Committee, the major foundations and their associated intermediary organizations have intrenched themselves behind a totality of power which presumes to place them beyond serious criticism and attack.

Each of the great foundations can exercise influence in the field of ideas so powerful that it justi- fies a fear of mere bigness. Without supplemental help through a foundation grant, he can support his family only in poverty; he cannot set aside the time or the money necessary to enable him to do such study, research, and writing as may advance him in his career.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence

In making application for a grant before World War II, a few lines or at most a paragraph or two sufficed for the experimental design; now it may extend over six to eight single-spaced typewritten pages. They may exer- cise the full power of management and direction if they wish, but Reportp. He found that seven had applied to one of the big three foundations Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie for giants and all but one had been turned down.

Such foun- dations are comparative newcomers on the American scene but are rapidly increasing in numbers. As a friendly his- torian put it: The very presence of a trustee or officer with dual allegiance can have an improper effect on the foundation’s decisions.

Congressional reports, by necessity, highlight certain features of a limited number of tax-exempt foundations and are likely to invite generalizations from a few explored data. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. These are in reality instruments for ideological and political GleichschaU tung. They may be donors and recipients at the same time.

Issuance of matched grants, or promises of grants with the proviso that funds are wormer be supplied only if and when others support the same project or cause; influnce. The concentration of power has measurable influence on our cultural life. The judging of the mer- its of grant proposals was delegated to these agencies and con- sultants. Also, there may have been a penetration of foundation boards and administrative ranks by anticonservative professionals academicians, scholars, and ad- ministratorswith a resulting adoption of their current idiosyncra- sies by the endowments.


Consequently scientists do not merely submit their findings to the judgment of others — as has been the case through the ages of learned discourse. In one case, the foundation had 20 trustees who held a total of positions as trustees or officers of other philanthropic organizations, or an average of 5.

This power which it exerts, it exerts very heavily on educational institutions and their personnel because when you get down to it, poeer is it that does research in social science? They have genuine stature and deserve every bit of the success and acclaim which infulence have earned by intelligence, en- ergy, and common sense in their own industrial fields.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene A. Wormser

The tragedy was that it also became a specialist in promoting the Communist cause in Asia, succeeding so well in this endeavor be- cause of the vast financial support given to it by the major founda- tions.

Consequently it becomes pertinent to discover how these culture-determiners have operated in the past. Foundaations, the intimate associations which Mr. But they often do so through the selection of grantees and the re- jection or approval of suggested subjects and methods of re- search.

But they have not finished the study which the social importance of foundations requires. If, then, control over an academic journal is concentrated in a few hands, it would be easy enough to impose concepts and phi- losophies on a generation of scholars, and upon school teachers and textbook writers.

He said that books and pamphlets published by the LID were, in fact, used in some college courses. This is a corporation in the nature of a foundation, which plays a very important part in influfnce research.