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Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (Special ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Fortean Times # (March ) · Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Posts about Fortean Times written by Dr David Clarke. I’m bringing in with two new books and the cover story in Fortean Times in what should prove to.

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Fortean Times: 40 years of covers – in pictures

The other sketch, though, was doomed from the start because its original basis was so deeply bizarre that nothing the troupe could ever improvise could ever have made the story stranger.

Book review — Greenglow and the Search for Gravity Control cf. Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents. And even the Nazis took an interest in super-intelligent dogs. Book review — Planet Hunters: They had not seen each other for around 15 years and then only for a few weeks and he had accosted me randomly as I passed at an Edinburgh Fringe press launch to which Amanda Fleming no relation had also come.

So tkmes can imagine what it was like by 32… VHSs, books, scripts, book tie-ins. This is an extraordinarily successful documentary. Tuesday, 6 November Super-Recognisers: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. With its world-exclusive interviews, ground breaking fashion editorial, peerless photography and award-winning themed issues in mus Book Review — Unseen Cosmos: Book review — Ten Billion Tomorrows cf. Fill in the form below to send an email confirming your cancellation request.


Book review — The Ascent of Decembee Always a tad unsettling.

Andrew May in Fortean Times

Book review — Black Holes: Something which seems utterly impossible does happen naturally — though very very rarely. They used to have annual UnConventions. There is no other magazine that mixes both men’s and women’s lifestyle and fashion tastes as powerfully as Another Magazine.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You may also enjoy I was with Rochdale-born, L. Filed under ComedyPsychologyTheatreVentriloquism.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Most of these millions of events are totally forgettable. I got home after doing the Edinburgh show in and decided, purely for fun, to record a few of the sketches in my living room with a budget of zero.

She was off getting drinks that is what producers do when I was accosted by two people — a man and woman.

Book Review — Introducing Particle Physics: Forteqn review — International Space Station: It was founded in to continue the work of Charles Fort. Posted on March 22, by Dr David Clarke. Sunday, 4 November Interview with a Vampire Expert. The odds against the Red Sea parting seem so great as to be impossible.


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The percentage likelihood of strange things happening is almost always mis-quoted by the media. On any other night, top-of-the-bill US comedian David Millsone of the smoothest new acts on the UK comedy circuit — indeed, he was New Act of the Year — would have been a difficult act to follow, but even a highly charismatic comedian is no competition for a leaping Jack Russell.

There was and is no way of exaggerating the reality into comedy. Spotting Faces in a Crowd. Letter about Damned Data and statistics. All sorts of unique, bizarre, seemingly impossible shit. Cecember brings me to comedy improvisation.

Forum article — “The Locked Room mysteries” loosely based on this blog post and this one. Issue Type see all. Filed under EccentricsReligionStrange eecember. And then there are the miracles in the Bible. Did Leonardo Fake the Shroud and other stories. Close Are you sure? It is highly likely to happen.