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Common Grass Yellow butterfly (Eurema hecabe) – complete detail. Description of Common Grass Yellow butterfly – Eurema hecabe. This Caterpillar is initially a uniform pale green. Eurema hecabe. Later instars are green with a white band along each side edged with yellow, and are covered. Eurema hecabe, also called the Common grass-yellow, is a small Pierid butterfly species found in Asia or Africa. Known simply as “the grass yellow” in parts of.

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They will visit many different flowers including Lantana and various Asteraceae. Eggs are laid on Abrus precatoriusFalcataria moluccanaAcacia species, Aeschynomene species and numerous other LeguminosaeEuphorbiaceae and Cucurbitaceae species.

This instar is fast paced and lasts about Many Pierine and other larvae seek each others company at that time. The sex-mark seen from above appears as a thickening of the basal half of the median vein on the forewing.

The butterfly community of an urban wetland system – a case study of Oussudu Bird Sanctuary, Puducherr Butterflies of India, v.

Eurema are among the most familiar of tropical butterflies. A study was conducted to understand the diversity and abundance of butterflies of Kole Wetlands.

Your article was so helpful to know in detail about all the aspects of the life cycle of grass yellow. Posted by Horace at 3: They are such bright cheerful butterflies!

Eurema hecabe (Linnaeus, ) | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

The growth in this first instar is moderately paced and the body length reaches about 3. Very similar to that of the male but without the sex-mark; the black areas on both forewings and hindwings slightly broader, with the inner edge of the black terminal band on the hindwing often diffuse. Butterfly diversity in human-modified ecosystems of southern Sikkim, the eastern Himalaya, India Desc: Caesalpinia pulcherrima Fabaceae, common name: Seasonal diversity of butterflies and their larval food plants in the surroundings of upper Neora Vall In later instars these hairs become progressively shorter.


A pale white to yellowish band runs laterally along each side of the body.

The butterfly diversity of Baghmundi, Purulia District Each segment of the body is ribbed vertically, and covered in small tubercules, giving it a rough textured appearance. In a few specimens there is also a small reddish-brown spot in interspace near the eurea.

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Butterflies of India – Eurema hecabe

I am glad that you like the pictures of this Eurema species. Pollination ecology and fruiting behavior of Pavetta indica L. For a key to the terms used, see Glossary eurdma entomology terms. Eurema hecabe Linnaeus, Lovell Reeve and Co. It can be found from sea level and about 1 0 00 metres. Many are migratory in behaviour and the ranges of several such as hecabe overlap into in 2 or more of the zoogeographical regions. Antennae, head, thorax and abdomen similarly coloured. It breeds mainly in open or disturbed habitats including forest clearings, along roadsides and riverbanks, and in parks and gardens.


Lepidoptera and Some Other Life Forms. Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B. This is likely due to its many host plants being common in the wild or widely cultivated in parks and other public areas.

Ltd preview in Google Books. We present a systematic, updated checklist of larval host plants of the butterflies of eurea Western Complete fields in red above. The butterfly diversity of four sacred groves in Goa, viz. Detrimental effects of low atmospheric humidity and forest fire on a community of western Himalayan bu Pavetta indica is a massive bloomer for a brief period in May.

It is whitish in color and has quite a few shallow vertical ridges and indistinct horizontal striations. AlbiziaSenna spp. Moths of the Andes.

Terias maroensis Butler, Or, Login with your user account:. The caterpillars feed on the young and tender leaves of the host plants.

India Biodiversity Portal

Hecaabe in all groups Search within this group. Wanderer wanders back to Singapore Bon Appetit! These bacteria can alter the sex ratios of the species. In a recent survey at the Taleigao plateau in Goa, a total of 98 species of butterflies belonging t Female wing color Odonata.

The 2nd instar caterpillar is yellowish green in body colour.