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Continuity Regulations seek to address: 1. To update . Regulations [ ESQCR], which came into force on 31 January 2. Information on how to report incidents as part of the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations , as amended (ESQCR). How can I report an ESQCR incident? Where can I get a copy of the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR)?.

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This is a matter for the landlord. Precautions against 20002 and warnings of dangers General adequacy of electrical equipment. Legislation is available in different versions: Citation, commencement and interpretation. Connections to installations or to other networks.

Maps of underground networks. Minimum height of overhead lines, wires and cables Raise the matter with the local electricity eswcr operator. Design, colours and proportions of the safety sign. Minimum height above ground of overhead lines. They are therefore owned and maintained by the customer ie the building owner.

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Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR)

Health and Safety Executive. The ENA also provide contact information for anyone planning excavation work, see: Position, insulation and protection of overhead lines. What do I need to know before starting digging work?


Is this page useful? Who can advise me on this? Application of Regulations 3. Immediately after the duty holder becomes aware, all deaths and serious injuries ie where a member of the public is admitted to hospital as an in patient must be reported by telephone to HSE.

The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations

General requirements for connection with earth 9. Citation, commencement and interpretation 2. What is the safe distance from overhead lines to buildings, both existing 202 proposed?

Excavations and depth of underground cables. Protective multiple earthing General requirements for connection with earth. What must be reported? What should I do? Exemption from requirements of Regulations Notification of specified events If you think they have not responded adequately, you should raise a complaint with HSE. Overhead power lines information, provided by the Energy Networks Association.

Notification of certain interruptions of supply. This is not a matter for HSE, you should discuss this with your local electricity company. Switched alternative sources of energy Declaration of phases, frequency and voltage at supply terminals. There are no statutory depths for underground cables, as ground levels may have changed since the original installation and without the knowledge of the cable owner.


The plans are only a guide. More information about safe digging techniques is available in HSE’s Avoiding danger from underground services. Notification of specified events. If you are not satisfied with their response, then raise a formal complaint with HSE.

Excavation and underground services.

The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002

HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size. You should take this matter up with your supplier ie the company you pay your bills to. Excavations and depth of underground cables You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information.