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Clarity’s team of expert developers has successfully completed numerous CMS- eCommerce integrations. If you think an Ektron eCommerce integration may be. Ektron Ecommerce. At Ameex, we help businesses extend the functionality of Ektron to better sell their products online. We have the skills and real-world. Download a list of all websites using Ektron Ecommerce.

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OrderList server control – this server control allows site visitors to view a list of their processed orders. As a site visitor navigates around your site selecting products ecommeerce purchase, they are added to a cart. Create a Checkout page. The inventory process uses an inventory provider model.

Customizing the Inventory Provider Step 3. Your site administrators can always see which baskets are open. With the BuiltWith Retail reports we were able to quickly and easily identify which sites were good fits with our widget.

Ecommercee with the right CMS integration, your team can rapidly respond to KPIs by creating, repairing, or updating site content as needed. Ektron is built on the Microsoft. Enabling a country in Ektron Ektrno We index the Internet in the same way that Google does to power their search engine. If ektton regional and country taxes are applied to a given area, roll them into this table.


You may still enable PCI compliance mode in the web. This information is used to calculate shipping costs. Online coupon capability is also included, letting you set the type dollar amount, percentage and at what level those coupons are applied product level, basket level and type of item.

What payment methods can I use? Recommendation server control – this control displays Cross Sell and Up Sell opportunities associated with a product.

Websites using Ektron Ecommerce

Cart Server Control Step Is there a minimum contract term? A product catalog screen appears. Make sure this page has one of the following: Set up a shipping provider. If you are using Ektron CMS Or, create your own payment gateway one that allows terms fktron any other payment option.

Click the Save button and move to the next step.

Conducting eCommerce

Enable Countries in the Workarea. CurrencySelect server control – allows site visitors to select from available monetary types. Product Search page – use the ProductSearch server control on a template to allow site visitors to search for product. Related Webinars Ektron provides the following webinars ektrn further your understanding of the eCommerce solution.

Regions can represent states, provinces, territories, etc. Chapter 19 – Conducting eCommerce.

Country Tax Tables – use eitron there is country-wide tax. All sites that have ever used Ektron Ecommerce Websites currently and historically using Ektron Ecommerce. Your site administrators can see which baskets are open.


Click the Default Warehouse check box if you want this to be the default warehouse. This template could contain any of the following:. Enter information as needed on these tabs: As an eCommerce business, you may already be using one or more third-party tools, including Ektron’s analytics modules, to monitor specific key performance indicators related to consumer behavior and sales optimizations.

Click New and select a product type. Different levels of administrative authority ensure that the correct permissions are in place for each user. Rates are quite customizable: We will send you one if you use the tool for 3 months! Login server control – optional this allows existing customers to login once they arrive at your site.

Trying a Sample eCommerce Site

However, there are no tax rates defined in these tables. Similar to creating a Content Folder.

Classify products in multiple ways—taxonomies help customers find what they are looking for by associating them with multiple categories.