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Warforged Traits Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution score increases by 1., Size: Medium., Speed: 30 feet., Warforged Resilience: You have resistance to poison damage and advantage on saves against Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron . Built as mindless machines to fight in the Last War, the warforged developed sentience as a side effect of the arcane experiments that sought to. The warforged were made as the ideal soldiers to serve in the devastating Last War. Although they are constructs, they have much in common with living.

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A warforged values magic that aids him, particularly magic that repairs his body. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

If you plan on playing a character who engages in melee fairly often, you should take Adamantine BodyIronwood Bodyor Mithral Body as your first feat. With only two years of freedom and little opportunity to share stories before that time, warforged have warfogged common folk tales. For most of their existence, warforged had a clearly defined function and were encouraged to focus purely on that role.

Differences from normal Constructs: Though warforged can show loyalty to religions and organizations, typically they become loyal to a small group of comrades. Warforged were created to fight and trained to follow orders; lacking a war to win or a leader to follow, many warforged are intimidated by the possibilities of freedom and seek comfort in roles where expectations are clear. Warforged titans, much like the warforged, are created from wood, stone, and metal.

Not needing to breathe allows you to swim without fear of drowning, and the penalty to Swim checks from taking feats such as Adamantine Body does not double as do normal armor check penalties. Warforged who follow the Sovereign Host often think of them more as comrades than as entities to honor with worship. rberron


They do not age naturally, though their bodies do decay slowly even as their minds improve through learning and experience. They are all natural warriors, with little that they fear. Beyond these common elements of warforged design, the precise materials and build of a warforged vary based on the purpose for which it was designed. There are home rules to consider, but that is what I see. Your character should have a goal and should define others based upon that goal.

The desire for expression of emotion, ornamentation, or art to honor another does not often occur to them. This simple concept required months of instruction. Why are the sub-races not viewable?? Such tasks can hold endless fulfillment for a warforged when she has nothing else to do.

Warforged | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Over the first few months they are extremely adaptable and able to learn new skills, just like children of other races. Freedom is wonderful, but it can also be terrifying. Root-like cords infused warforgwd alchemical fluids serve as their muscles, wrapped around a framework of steel, darkwood or stone. Masque is an infiltrator.

If there is one interest all warforged share it is the love of working and many create endless lists of goals and chores. Settlements in these countries should have a number of warforged similar to the number of half-elves.

Even though you were constructed, you are a humanoid. This was somewhat traumatic for the warforged who were accustomed to having a single purpose with orders and instructions, in Karrnath and Thrane the warforged became indentured servants instructed to repair the damage of war whilst in Aundair, Breland and other nations the warforged became idle after losing their only purpose in life.

You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Warforged Titan

It warforgeed better to feel nothing than to be jealous of others or shameful, and to maintain joy or pride, a warforged had to succeed constantly in battle. Their hands have only two thick fingers and a thumb whilst their feet only have two broad toes.


As Watcher contemplates these things, his hands rberron with a knife and a piece of wood. Yet from this common ground, warforged diverge to a myriad of behaviors leaving little that can be called culture or society.

During their lives among other races, they find that they have time on their hands when other races pause to eat or sleep. Divination magic cast to learn about Bulwark fails, but it also fails to prove that he is dead. The warforged are made of stone, metal and wood fibres. Their only purpose was to fight for their owners and fall on the battlefield if necessary in pursuit of larger goals. Can only take 1 single move action or standard action in each round, but strenuous activity does not risk further injury.

They are designed to have resistances to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic attacks. Warforged always seek something to do or to pursue some purpose.

Warforged – Eberron: Root of All Evil

Eberdon share a common culture mainly because of their outlook. At the same time, warforged understand that the war is over, and some feel a sort of sympathy for changelings, seeing them as creatures similarly defined by their past. In personality, some warforged seem more masculine or feminine, but different people might judge the same warforged in different ways. Even so, as warforged attempt to find their places in the world after the Last War, they often remain in the squads, units, and battalions they were members of before.

Begin play speaking Common. Unlike their latter-day brothers, these massive war golems are essentially mindless, and lack the souls found in warforged.

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