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However, other proteins fgr in heterocyst formation were not found. Those sharing the same query or subject sequence were filtered as follows: Reads were mapped to the genome using segemehl [] with default settings, resulting in 40, mapped reads.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

For this assembly, drg, genes, among them 4, protein-coding genes were predicted. The prepared plasmid and fosmid clones were end-sequenced to provide paired-end reads at the J. In addition, as is the xgr with several freshwater cyanobacteria [][]the genome of N. The gTSS are ordered according to the number of reads. Structure-based models allow the prediction of the substrate for the acyltransferase AT domain of PKS proteins http: The importance of phosphorus as a key limiting nutrient in aquatic systems see [97][98] awoke much interest in defining P-scavenging mechanisms in cyanobacteria, particularly at the genetic level e.

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The isolated strain N. For Sanger sequencing, two genomic libraries with insert sizes of 4 and 40 kb were made. Hence, the annotation and interpretation of this sequence provides a vast array of clues into the genomic underpinnings of the physiology of this cyanobacterium and indicates in particular a competitive edge of N. IsiA belongs, together with the CP43 PsbC and the Pcb’s from ProchloronProchlorothrixProchlorococcus and 55018, to a family of related antenna proteins that bind chlorophylls.


However, iron-starved cells of this mutant were still able to form IsiA rings around PSI monomers but to a lesser extent [66][70]. Hence, sucrose metabolism in N. Organization of the chromosomal region harboring the isiA and psbC -like genes psbC-lk of N. Among the 1, potentially unique N. The assignment of the gene products to non-ribosomal peptide synthetases NRPS or polyketide synthases 5108 is indicated by red and green colour, respectively.


Martinez A, Tyson GW, Delong EF Widespread known and novel phosphonate utilization pathways in marine bacteria revealed by functional screening and metagenomic analyses. CCY from here on N. Similar proteins, SusA nsp and susB nsp were also found. The annotated scaffold of ivii, nt length is available under GenBank accession number AOFE, additionally the file containing all information on mapped transcriptional start points TSS can be downloaded from http: Some of the mapped TSS gave rise to orthologs of non-coding transcripts in other cyanobacteria.

The fact that both biosynthesis gene clusters are present in the genome of the brackish water N. Transport capacity for these phosphorus sources has only been found in the genomes of some cyanobacteria [99][][]hence, the presence of transporters for phosphonates and phosphite in N. Putative proteins from N. Hagemann M Molecular biology of cyanobacterial salt acclimation.

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The nsp gene was found to be highly expressed under our viui cultivation conditions 10 PSU explaining the observed sucrose accumulation in these cells F. Aquat Microb Ecol This was also observed for the N.

XLSX Click here for additional data file. Heterocysts are specialized cells for N2-fixation, which develop a thick cell wall and have viil photosystem II in order to decrease the internal oxygen concentration to a level that allows nitrogenase activity during the day time for reviews see [3][4].

Bead-bound cDNA was blunted and 3′ ligated to a Solexa adapter. Another class of mobile elements in the N. Genes encoding putative tailoring proteins are indicated in black. The very strong nTSS located nt downstream of nsp may give rise to the ncRNA intermediate, which, following reverse transcription, is essential for homologous recombination into the target site for codon rewriting and protein diversification [28].

Nucleic Acids Res Cluster analysis of proteins potentially involved in sucrose metabolism in cyanobacteria. The TSS associated with the by far highest number of reads is located upstream of one of the psbA genes psbA1, nsp They contribute an estimated annual nitrogen input almost as large as the entire dtr load and twice the atmospheric load into the Baltic Sea proper [8][9].

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There are gene clusters common to the three other Nostocales with the exclusion of N. The complete nodularin synthetase nda gene cluster was elucidated from an Australian N. However, ArsC encoding arsenate reductase appears to be lacking in the N. However, as expected for an organism that is exposed to iron limitation, at least three alternative iron uptake systems were found. There were a total of positions in the final dataset. Cyanobacteria are increasingly recognized as a source of a second class of peptidic natural products that are produced through the post-translational modification of precursor proteins.

The structure and role of these unusual lipids is unknown. The evolutionary distances were computed using the Poisson correction method and are in the units of the number of amino acid substitutions per site.

This possibility is supported by the results of a recent homology modelling and insertion of the PsaL-like domain into the PSI structure [69]. PCC belongs to a family of phosphate-binding proteins.

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An investigation of the structure and dynamics of water blooms of cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea – responses to a changing environment. The large number, the high sequence similarity and the fact that active promoters were detected for many of the transposases indicate that a large part of the mobile genetic elements associated with them are active.

Huber AL Factors affecting the germination of akinetes of Nodularia spumigena Cyanobacteriaceae. Many further well-characterized genes encoding protein factors involved in heterocyst formation reviewed in [3]such as NrrA, PatN and the signalling peptide PatS sequence here: All positions containing gaps and missing data were eliminated from the dataset complete deletion option.