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Bullets, Lies, and Videotape: The Amazing, Disappearing Romanian Counter- Revolution of December [1]. by Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D. Standard. Results 1 – 24 of 24 When the Masters Away by Cartianu, Translated by Ana and a great selection of related books, art and Cartea Revolutiei: Grigore Cartianu. (Grigore Cartianu, Crimele revoluţiei. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iştilot din FSN, Editura Adevărul-Holding,Bucureşti, , p. ).

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They are not determined. People went into the streets, calling not just for the downfall of the president then, but for the change of the political regime, and that is what we call a revolution. Pe 14 iunie seara, generalul Spiroiu l-a sunat pe Adrian Moruzi interesindu-se ce se intimpla la Brasov.

Death ccartianu a Dictator. Gianu Bucurescu facea parte din echipa Iulian Vlad.

Much has been said about individuals in black jumpsuits, with tattoos on their left hand and chest, mercenary fanatics who acted at night, killing with precision and withdrawing when they were encircled to the underground tunnels of Bucharest. General Dan Voinea who headed the investigations from and said as much: InI signed along with other doctors, university professors, renowned surgeons, a memorandum [ see page 5 for an article apparently linked to the cartiani ] addressed to the Prosecutor General in which we requested an investigation regarding the wounded and dead by gunfire.

Someone who knew about such things told me they were vidia bullets.

Noi, formand massa, nici n-am avut habar de situatia dansului in acele zile. As opposed to the aforementioned Vladimir Belis, Pavel Corut, and Dan Voinea, all of whom who have strenuously and repeatedly denied the existence and use in December of atypical munitions of dum-dum bullets and vidia bullets, there exist those who have told us of the existence and use of these in December Consider religiile, indiferent de pacatele lor, parte din patrimoniul cultural al umanitatii.


Au ars mai multe documente legate de Revolutie. Cine l-a ucis pe fiul meu?

Crimele Revoluției. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iștilor din FSN by Grigore Cartianu

Dar si mai curios grigpre ca, tot atunci, de la centrul de control radio din municipiul apropriat, a parvenit la unitate informatia ca, pe o anumita banda de frecventa, au fost interceptate semnale strainii, modulate devolutiei impuls, iar pe o alta frecventa se semnala un intens trafic radio intr-o limba araba sau turca.

Prin ordinul acestuia au fost scosi din DSS. Tot acei cetateni au mai tinut sa-l informeze pe comandantul unitatii ca, nici dupa Revolutie, drumul respectiv nu a ramas chiar al nimanului, intrucit in zona respectiva rebolutiei fost vazute persoane imbracate in uniforme de padurari despre care insa, nimeni de la ocolul silvic in raza frigore se afla acele locuri nu stia absolut nimic. Ii calcau mereu, iar poterele nu puteau face nimic. To my knowledge, Ratesh has not really weighed in on the Revolution since his book.

Similar massive infiltrations were witnessed in Decembertoo, with the outbreak of a wave of strikes and demonstrations. The etymology of details and arguments about Decemberwhere—when, and how these were born—is imperative for understanding the Revolution. Dupa inca 10 metri culoarul se infunda.

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Acestea, vreo 40 la numar, i-au fost date de un medic care era secretar de partid la IMF. Despite the differences, there simply were too many institutional and ideological similarities, or as is often most importantly the case, that is how members of both the state and society interpreted matters.


The rest are hesitating. Material primit de la dl. In fapt ar permite eliberarea politica si economica a lumii de cartiwnu exploatarea si jugul colonial exercitate de Occident asupra omenirii.

Marius, te credeam om serios, dar ma deceptionezi, pentru ca iti pierzi timpul cu neica nimeni! Cumva ala ce apare pe la televizor, ce are rolul de a minca rahat, ca in vremurile de trista amintire si de a zapaci de cap pe zapacitii ce se uita in gura lui spurcata, plina de bubele capatate in urma alergiei sale la adevar?

The colonel later came and loaded the wounded terrorist suspects onto a bus and off they went. I ask that future investigations of the December events will address the many details presented in this article, particularly in the last two installments.

Prior to 22 Decemberthe primary target of this repression was society, peaceful demonstrators—although the Army itself was both perpetrator of this repression but also the target of Securitate forces attempting to ensure their loyalty to the regime and their direct participation and culpabilization in the repression of demonstrators. AP ; A student at the rally mourning a relative killed in the revolution. Those who seized power lied to protect the real criminals…. Chircoias, care sustinea sus si tare ca ar conduce nu stiu ce sectie criminalistica din Directia Securitatii Statului, a cerut gloantele extrase.

Antohi and Tismaneanu,p.