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Climbing Parnassus has ratings and 62 reviews. TheRose said: This is a paradigm-shifting book. I was flabbergasted by how much I really didn’t unders. “Discussions of educational reform often involve windy talk of a “return to the classics,” yet rarely do would-be reformers go so far as to advocate a return to. Tracy Lee Simmons’s book, Climbing Parnassus, is a tour-de-force. Simmons addresses the current state of education, which is dismal, to a.

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Man may not be able to transcend the gods, but he can, over time and with struggle, transcend himself. For a book about entering through the gates of Latin and Greek towering like sentinel parapets before the colossal Parnassus, this was more like a meandering stroll through a tranquil meadow liberally peppered with flowers. The history was interesting, but there was no need to repeat the same phrases and facts over and over.

His mind and taste had been formed; his was not a servile mind. His persuasive witness to the unique, now all-but-forgotten advantages of study in and of the classical languages constitutes a bracing reminder of the genuine aims of a truly liberal education.

I picked this book up off my forr to psych myself up to begin teaching Latin to my 4th grade daughter. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I believe will add value to my readers.

The fine intention of this book is not in dispute. Here burns yet another insidious form of propaganda. The method by which this was achieved for centuries was a classical education.


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

I find myself reading this book often, not only for the content but the striking prose. They do not feel themselves to be active participants in our republic, and they often do not turn out to vote. Most are j This is a paradigm-shifting book.

Trivia About Climbing Parnassu Content was everything, form nothing However, all education must face the reality that students apoloyia varying capacities to learn. I appreciate the perspective and motivation it gave me. Rather, one must learn the content in classical form, i. The ideas here will, I think, transform the way I homeschool.

Developing a capacious memory now has less value than it used to, but I leave open the possibility that the training co-develops other mental capacity as well. Formed minds and tempered souls are no small gifts to the world.

The human condition is more serious than those of the salvation-by-the-classics camp seem to realize. anx

Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin

Tracy Since my vocabulary is not as large as Mr. Fortunately, my humble brain slowly pzrnassus to work itself up to the task and by the second third of the book, I found myself not only comprehending Simmons’ research and arguments with relative ease, but thoroughly enjoying the eloquence and clarity of his expression. Hence, they are prone to anachronistic interpretations. It’s time, he thought, to refurnish. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because of the slog in the middle, which ends up being more than half the book.

Climbing Xnd is both inspiring and challenging. If you have put any thought at all into the various approaches to education, classical education has likely cropped up as a possibility.


Tantalisingly, ‘I say here a few forbidden things’ xvii. There is a bibliography, but it contains no editions of classical authors, to whom S. Our brains become more capacious: To be fair, while I prefer the classical languages, you climing learn any mother language, and that would be just as good in developing your memory.

Even more, it told the world that he had not been taught skills merely. I think I may be going back to college when I retire to study them. And if you have children, climbig may just decide that maybe the current path our “public education” has them on, is not the right one at all.

What career-minded politician would dare to push such an unrewarding barrow? Classical education challenges students to think about the ideal and the true; to elevate the apologua and the heart; to understand the difference between wisdom and knowledge; and to study and learn from the lessons of history. Learning Latin teaches mental discipline, assists with English vocabulary, helps us think well, stretches our minds through memorizing, cuts through obfuscation, makes us critical judges of propaganda Throughout this chapter, once again, aphorisms abound: Classical education humanizes us.