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The ImageRead function performs the same operation as the cfimage read action . However, you cannot use the cfimage tag to read and create. You can use the cfimage tag to perform common image manipulation operations as a border; captcha; convert; info; read; resize; rotate; write; writeToBrowser. The other day, I needed to do some on-the-fly conversion of PNG image files to JPG format in ColdFusion. This was part of stop-gap measure at.

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Example of resizing an image stored in a variable convet storing the result in a variable. Border thickness in pixels. This reads color information, source value, and dimensions into a struct. Image, int, int – returns: These return comma-delimited lists of the file types that ColdFusion can deal with. Now, when I first saw this action, I convetr assumed it was working the same way CFContent worked – by streaming the file to the browser as the only returned content. Quality of the JPEG destination file.

You might notice that the ImageNew uses x and the cfimage uses x You can specify both. Usage You can use this function to enlarge an image or create a thumbnail image. Name of the ColdFusion image variable to create. I have also included the JPG quality value, but this was not xonvert as that value defaults to.

I am grouping these two together because I am sure what the difference really is. You can specify both. For all other color values, enter the hexadecimal value. String getWidth – returns: This gives us the same output, but the source attribute is “http: The other input types give a similar output, so I won’t show the CFDump, however, I will walk through the code. When it comes to functions, if you want to read in Conver image data, you have to use the ImageReadBase64 function: Converting transparent images images with alpha can degrade image quality.


ColdFusion Help | cfimage

To me, they are both binary objects I think. We don’t have to perform actions just on new images; we can perform them on existing image objects:. Values between 00 and FF are allowed. This is required, otherwise ColdFusion won’t know which headers and conversion algorithm to include.

I don’t want to start writing a lot of images to the browser only to find out that it is clogging up this temp directory. Absolute or relative pathname where the image output is written.

ColdFusion Help | ImageResize

Supported image file formats. Now, not only is it super easy to grab images, it’s super easy to convert image types. Close Window Print Story. ColdFusion supports only the system fonts that the JDK can recognize. No more are we, as developers, chained to third-party products. The image format is determined by the file extension.

Description Resizes a ColdFusion image. This will only work to direct image URL access. If you specify false default or omit the argument, the Base64 is written to the file without any headers. The value must be an integer. The name of the ColdFusion image object that we are writing to disk.

For more information about what these do as they are undocumentedtry exploring the java. To start with, let’s examine reading images using the CFImage tag. You can use the cfimage tag independently or in conjunction with image functions. Use capital letters for better readability.


Converting an image to grayscale using the CFIMAGE tag in ColdFusion

When it comes to functions, if you want to read in Base64 image data, you have to use the ImageReadBase64 function:. Specify an integer for the value. It does perfectly put the page together with no pixels being off String, float – returns: Separate multiple fonts with commas. Also notice that the destination image was a GIF file format. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

This makes me nervous.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You can manipulate ColdFusion images in memory and write them to a file, a database, or directly to a browser. In addition to these straightforward methods, ColdFusion 8 can also use the ImageNew function to read in images. If this value is blank, the width is calculated proportionately to the height.

The following table describes the algorithms and their named equivalents based on average test results: The next input type is a Base64 encoded string. New width of the ColdFusion image.