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: Celestron Radial Guider Schmidt-Cassegrains: Telescope Guiders And Wedges: Camera & Photo. Find great deals for Celestron off Axis Radial Guider Shop with confidence on eBay!. Old Celestron Radial Guider # – posted in Celestron NexStar: I inherited an old style Celestron Radial Guider # (OAG). After much.

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RkBlog :: Celestron Radial Guider and Brightstar Advanced Off Axis Guider

With this, you can adapt the OAG perfectly to the diameter celeston the camera sensor and the illumination of your telescope. No reviews by eKomi at this time. Thus the autoguider can compensate tracking errors without interference from further sources of error like bending of the guiding scope.

Adaption rdaial CCD cameras is no problem – adapters cen be found in the accessory recommendations. It has nice range of rotation around its axis, and without the pad the guide camera gets good amount of light.

T2 thread and M Shopping cart is empty. Stop when a nice visible star will enter the field.

This accessory makes it possible to simultaneously photograph and guide through the optical tube assembly of your telescope. Solar DDoptics Dew Not.


Three T2 distance rings with Monday to Friday If the focus rradial is lower than lowest point of your guide camera – you need to add an extension to the main camera and repeat the process. Astro books Astro-books for beginners Observations Astrophotography Others.

After sharpness is achieved, the focuser is locked. Sometimes the long base or the 1,25″ nosepiece guidef for the guide cam instead of a T thread may not be best for given setup.

Celestron off Axis Radial Guider | eBay

The off-axis guider allows simultaneous imaging and guiding with your Schmidt-Cassegrain or EHD telescope. About us Contact Terms Login. Celestron Radial Guider Product no.: Radial guider may be adapted for other catadioptric scopes or even refractors that have enough backfocus. Cookies are small text objects that are exchanged between browser and web server in encrypted form.

At night just unlock the guide head and slowly rotate it when looking on the guide cam live preview. TS versions are various and even can have T thread on the guide head. Then use the scope to focus the main camera. Specifically for use in prime focus, deep-sky imaging or astrophotography with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, the Radial Guider is compact and sleek in design.

By using our shop you agree to the use of cookies. It can be found here: This guider is a tremendous improvement over conventional off-axis guiders. Business to Business Affiliate program Retailers.


Celestron off Axis Radial Guider 94176

The guide head has a 1,25″ nosepiece holder. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Log in to add this product to your watchlist. This product is no longer stocked and therefore cannot rdial purchased until further notice.

Celestron Radial Guider and Brightstar Advanced Off Axis Guider

Purchase vouchers Coupon at a value of 25 euro Coupon at a value of 50 euro Coupon at a value of euro Coupon at a value of euro Coupon at a value of euro Coupon at a value of euro. Those companies modify the threads and width of the OAG base. It must be used with a guiding eyepiece, camera T-mount and drive corrector dual axis is preferrable.

It the star has a shape of very thin stroke – you can slightly defocus the guide camera to ease the work of guiding software. Small prism gathers some light from the telescope outside the field of view of the imaging camera and directs it on to the guide camera sensor.

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