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The Problem with Low Evaluation and High Creativity

There was a recent request for a dialogue regarding a combination of SOI scores from the learning abilities assessment in the area of low evaluation (judgment) skills and high divergent (creative) ability. This is a worthy discussion and as was pointed out, “It is critical for parents and educators to know the consequences of high creativity and low evaluation skills.”

For discussion purposes, it is important to bring convergent ability (problem-solving) into the mix. Low evaluation, higher problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking abilities can often lead an individual into making decisions too quickly before evaluating the outcome. All we have to do is reflect on our own grand ideas that simply did not turn out so grand because Continue reading “The Problem with Low Evaluation and High Creativity”

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Daughter’s Reading Disability Diagnosed with SOI

My family traveled a very long road before finding out about SOI in 1982. As a nine year old in the fourth grade, our daughter had not yet learned to read. We had exhausted the medical community (we thought) and her school was perplexed and at times agitated with our daughter or with us.

The SOI program gave us the solutions that resulted in her ultimate success in reading, in her education, and in finding her self-esteem and confidence. Her avid love of animals sustained her through those really difficult years of school failure. A teacher friend of ours once asked her what reading group she was in. At nine she answered, “The eagle group. I can’t read and the eagle flies alone.”

Simply stated, we all missed the problem. The SOI assessment did not. Continue reading “Daughter’s Reading Disability Diagnosed with SOI”