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winner of the Golden Lion in Venice in , BIEFF presented the romanian .. traduceri catalog și website andreea prin mijloace cinematografice, unei serii de. 13 tablouri ale în limitele impuse de regulile camerei fixe.”. Mai rămân doar câteva cuvinte de așternut în format de catalog. .. doi oameni care trăiesc în aceeaşi casă, care mănâncă la ore fixe, sunt pedanţi. dar în mod deschis, onest, cu alte mijloace –, ci mai degrabă caută inversul: un .. ( 18) Rui Vilela: City Palace, () Santiago Parres: Post. Title: Catalog astra film festival , Author: AFF, Name: Catalog astra film about the protests in Romania in , which premiered at the Rotterdam .. de victime, revelând – prin mijloace cinematografice minimale și tropi de .. Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan surprinde – prin cadre fixe și compoziții care.

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Considering tourism as factor of development in the rural areas impose as overall goal the necessity to monitor and determine sustainable development objectives using distinctive, comprehensible and coherent tools. The creation of the indicators has to be correlated with their relevance fatalog the possibility of obtaining the data for computing them.

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From a sociological perspective, downshifting is defined as any voluntary change in lifestyle over the long term, to the detriment of individual welfare, mihloace in favour of personal spiritual benefits, i. The minimum score for the project to be eligible is 50 points out of maximum possible. This approach also contributes to reduction vatalog operating costs e.

Otherwise, financial aid is not granted. At the same time business plan provide revenue from tourism services, and sources of funds can be defined: It should be taken that rural tourism demand and expect the comfort and spaciousness. Matei Daniela,Turismul rural.

Remote areas with appeal based on wildlife and wilderness, with particular issues of accessibility, transport, local services, environmental protection and developing ecotourism opportunities. Help Center Find new research papers in: Tourism inStatistics reports,Zagreb: The search for a definition must, therefore, begin with an understanding of the concept of rurality itself.

Equal scores will prevail: This phenomenon is known as rururbanisation or neoruralism by entering villages are again poles of economic and social attraction. As a consequence, the sources of obtaining the information for computing the indicators are diverse.

A company may sign in only a financing contract under the funding programs through the ministry mentioned. The jury will evaluate and select business plans based on a methodology approved by the MFE within the grant catalgo submitted by the Entrepreneurship Scheme administrator.

They consider the relationship between catakog, politics and the issue of policies to control and direct tourism and recreation in the countryside in the postwar period.

In particular, the value of net FDI entered the country between andincreased annually from U. This is a presentation of rural tourism as a promoter of natural and cultural heritage of some particular region by creating an impression of the cultivated farm holidays with traditional elements, preserving a diversity of old varieties of fruits, vegetables, flowers; decorative, spice and medicinal herbs, or the preservation of indigenous breeds of domestic animals.


It is necessary to translate web site at least on one foreign language, and make the form for inquiries and reservations,thus it will increase the possibility of booking services. In the last ten years there has been a significant increase in participating in countryside recreation, notable cycling and walking, often as the main purpose of a visit.

If this fiex is not met, the final installment is no longer granted. Slightly different is the case “Casa Verde ” Penssion, where, although the profits decreased, it happened gradually and it was generated especially due to the very high expenses recorded [3].

Modern tourism has brought the consumer into an impossible situation and speed, unfurling at a crazy pace, with people who are too involved into the profession they chose, and constantly chasing after money.

But the entire collection of indicators have to point out the general direction of sustainable tourism development and management practices which are applicable to any forms of tourism, in each kind of destinations, including rural tourism and the various niche tourism segments, such as the one in protected areas.

The work consists in an analysis on the link between the measures, instruments and tools used for development of the tourism in rural areas and the potential development of the specific region. However, large numbers of destinations have recognised the importance of improving quality and, without following any particular theory or model, are taking action.

Conclusions Rural tourism is, mijlace, an important tool for sustainable mikloace development and national documents elaborated on the last decade about it confirm that authorities wish to use touristic potential of rural areas as a promoter for increasing the economy and quality of life of the local communities.

Also, the importance of rural tourism is that it includes strong traditional and environmental values of a particular area, which makes him a different and very original product. The popularity of rural tourism for families tends to vary.

It is about setting objectives, working together, understanding visitors, setting standards, obtaining visitors reactions, making fixw and checking impacts. This area in Croatia is characterized by a rich and diverse natural, cultural and historical diversity, which shows that Croatia has the quality requirements for development of rural tourism. Destruction of the ecosystems, social violence, physical degeneration have accompanied progress, which brings about a skeptical view on progress.

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Mijloae This research has been performed by the courtesy of the representatives of the two Penssions. If at farm holidays is intensive cultivation of grains, there is the possibility of producing slabs of pressed straw as construction materials and natural insulation.


Institute for International Economics. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, Vol. The phenomenon developed as the new downshifting tourism, especially in Western Europe, refers to those who prefer to spend less time working and more time making simple things, enjoying life, by walking, country holidays, long journeys by train and boat, changing the seeming security of an infrastructure that kills the reflexes of a human being.

Investing their own funds, if possible, appeared as the best mode of investment, because at the very mimloace when revenues are not regular and sure, the business is not burdened with return on investment as soon as possible, either by returning loaned or credit funds. In general, higher standards of comfort are sought by this segment.

Material and method This study on the economic efficiency of a Penssion from the urban environment on one side and of one from the rural environment on the other side, by the activity these develop, are based on the technical- economical processing of the existing data, by using specific analysis methods [4]. The amount of non-refundable funding required is at least EURand up to EUR 1,, equivalent in RON at the Inforeuro exchange rate valid at the launch date of the call for projects.

Is it effective to accentuate promotion value? On 20122 farm holidays it is possible to offer many other attractive activities or additional offers that fulfill guests stay. Furthermore, the role of farm-based tourism has been exaggerated because it has received great attention from both agriculture ministries and academics.

To prepare a competitive business plan and related financial forecasts, you can contact us at office areteconsulting.

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As can be seen, diversity is the fundamental feature of the typology of gambling, as dictated by tradition and history, by income groups, age groups, by preferences and, last but not least, the quality and originality of gambling. Ponderea investitiilor in echipamentele prevazute la pct 2.

More generally, some definitions of rural tourism refer simply to tourism in areas with a low density of population. Vincent argues that rural tourism development requires that close-knit communities adapt to the incursion of capitalism in the expansion of tourism, where family independence, traditional values and cultural traditions may be adversely affected.

mijlozce There are many different starting points. Key issues may include environmental interpretation, inter-sectoral integration and visitor management. Inthe projects that met and 95 points had the certainty of obtaining funding.