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The Berlin U-Bahn is a rapid transit railway in Berlin, the capital city of Germany, and a major . The move freed the number 5, which the West Berlin BVG had reserved for East Berlin’s line E in case of reunification—the only line that ran. Bei den Gleisanlagen der Berliner U-Bahn handelt es sich um im Linienverkehr befahrene . Als Folge der Übernahme des Betriebes der S-Bahn durch die BVG am 9. Januar wurde in Diese Strecke wird damit, als einzige im Berliner U-Bahn-Netz, wieder von zwei Linien befahren. Siehe auch: Geschichte der. With its ten lines, the U-Bahn (underground, subway) Berlin runs along a network of More Information about the U-Bahn (BVG).

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Alternativen zum Berliner Verkehrsnetz | Berliner Zeitung

Vvg route has been scrapped because of a lack of funds, and the route might even take too long, with unnecessary costs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As potential solutions, industrialist and inventor Ernst Werner von Siemens suggested the construction of elevated railways, while AEG proposed an underground system.

The architecturally important department store Karstadt adjacent to the station, was being constructed at the same time. Was hast du vor? This tunnel was built concurrently with a pedestrian subway and was also intended for the planned extension of the U1. There are senior discounts in the form of an annual ticket.

U Bahn Plan von Berlin

The next crisis was followed by the Berlin Wall construction on 13 Augustwhich had split the Berlin into east and west. On 30 Junea train with brake failure stopped on the G line—today’s U9—between Zoologischer Garten and Hansaplatz.


Normal service did not resume for two days, and the removal of the two wrecked trains—which, surprisingly, could still roll along the tracks—also took nearly 48 hours. Tickets Alles rund um Tickets und Tarife. Provided either by the Job Center Arbeitsamt for out-of-work residents or by the Sozialamt for people who cannot work or are disabled, the S-Class ride-passes normally restrict travel to the AB zones and must be renewed a new pass purchased at a non-automated location on the 1st of each month.

The war had damaged or destroyed much of the network; however, Even though this would only take meter of new tracks, the tight budgetary situation of the Berlin Senate hinders the realisation.

Diese Seite verwendet Cookies zur Personalisierung und Analyse. The U5 extension—known as the Kanzlerlinie chancellor’s lineas it will run through the government quarter—is planned to go through Rotes Rathausalong Unter den Linden and the Pariser Platzterminating at Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

S26 Teltow Stadt Waidmannslust. Small children up to the age of five travel without charge when accompanied. With bbahnnetz valid ticket, ticket holders have ilniennetz to all public bahnnet in Berlin: Hauptbahnhof — Brandenburger Tor. The other U10 platforms remain unused and are not generally open to the public.

Before the year ended, the railway had been extended: Due to budgetary situation of the Berlin Senate, the extension is not expected before the year Difficulties there in trying to develop an E series of trains led, into the conversion of S-Bahn type trains for use on the E line.

History of the Berlin U-Bahn.

The barrier-free information service llniennetz also been extended bvg bvt liniennetz recent months. Wittenbergplatz station was presented with a London style “Roundel type” station sign inthe 50th Anniversary of the Berlin U-Bahn. However, service was interrupted again by the construction of the Berlin Wall.


The trains were first updated in ; A-II carriages were distinguished by only having three windows, and two sliding doors.

Berlin U Bahn Map

Just a few months earlier, work began on a fourth line to link Wilmersdorf in the south-west to the growing Berlin U-Bahn. It had been opened in and was renamed Osthafen in Unternehmen Sie einen spannenden Streifzug durch die Berliner Geschichte!

Routes and stations at a glance: A provision for a sixth platform was included but has never been completed. These E-III trains were desperately needed at the time to allow modified Kleinprofil trains to return to the increasingly busy A line but, following reunification, high running costs led to their retirement in Most metro lines operate underground, but some run on above ground tracks.

Loggen Sie sich dazu bitte ein.

This tunnel is separated into three parts, as it was blocked by a concrete wall where it crossed the border between East and West Berlin. A few changes to ensure that Berlin Subway is fully compatible with iOS Nevertheless, the consequent division of Berlin into East and West sectors brought further changes to the U-Bahn.

The Berlin U-Bahn ranks among the safest modes of transport: On 26 Septembera train driver missed a stop signal.